About Fiona and the Blog

From Fiona started life as Wishes, Hopes and Dreams which was set up as a lifestyle blog back in February 2015. The change to From Fiona happened in June 2017 when I realised that with graduation looming and the prospect of finding a job that the name of the blog I had wasn’t working for me and that’s when From Fiona was born.

With the field of lifestyle blogging being so large, the posts which appear on the blog will always vary in subject matter but will always be written with the audience in mind. With this in consideration, a new “how to” series was created in order to help other bloggers with things they may not know how to do or would like to learn how to do.

There is a large selection of posts on From Fiona including books, events and travel and I’ve included some of my favourites below.

New York Photo Diary

T2 Tea Masterclass in Glasgow

Boohoo Spa Tour Event