Highlighter Colletion: What I’ve Amassed So Far

Highlighter Colletion: What I’ve Amassed So Far

It took me a while to jump on board the highlighter bandwagon but now that I have I’m staying. I love a good highlight (I can’t contour) but I love adding some shine to my cheekbones. In the past year, I’ve managed to amass what I consider to be a decent collection so I decided it was time to share it with you.

Sleek – Solstice – £9.99


This is the first highlighter palette I’ve ever bought and it’s the one that made me fall in love with highlighting my cheekbones. I adore the purple shade (top right-hand side) but the brush that comes with the palette is appalling. I bought the Real Techniques Setting Brush (it’s on sale for £5.33 from Amazon) and it’s the one I use now to apply my highlight no matter which palette I’m using (other than the Unicorn Heart). At this point, I should probably mention that I only highlight my cheekbones and Cupid’s bow – doing my nose looks bloody weird with my glasses on.

Sleek – Distorted Dreams – £10.99


I’d been in love with this palette since it was announced and I managed to pick one up on an impromptu trip to Superdrug. I haven’t fully had the chance to test out all the shades yet but its one that I’m fairly certain will get a lot of use. So far my favourite is the pale blue as it gives me a good highlight and compliments my cool skin tone.

Makeup Revolution – 3 Shade Palette – £8


This palette was in my birthday wishlist post and my best friend AJ from LoveandOAS was kind enough to buy it for me as part of my birthday buy nolvadex online canada present. I love this palette as the three shades are ones that I would wear and compliment my skin tone. If I’m going for a more subtle look (i.e. My husband isn’t telling me I have something shiny on my face) then this is the one I reach for as the shades take some building to get a brighter and shinier look.

I Heart Makeup  – Unicorn Heart – £4.99


This may be the cheapest highlighter on the list but I think it may also be the brightest. With this palette, you can either choose one colour or run your brush through them all for a multicoloured glow. To apply this one, I’ve been using the Crownbrush C511 Pro Blending Fluff that was in my goody bag at the Girl Gang event last year. It’s the perfect size for applying this highlight as it’s so highly pigmented that a little really does go a long way.

Urban Decay – Naked Illuminated Trio – £29


At £29, this is the most expensive highlighter on the list but it’s possibly the prettiest that I’ve ever seen. What surprised me about the shades in this palette are that they’re quite light compared to how they look in the palette. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love them, it just means that if you’re going for a lighter look they’re great and if you want more shine then you need to build up the product a bit more rather than getting an awesome highlight in one swipe.

What’s in your highlighter collection or what should I be adding to mine?



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  • Rachel

    The Urban Decay one looks lovely! My favourite is Benefit’s High Beam.

    • Fiona

      It’s so pretty. I’ve not tried that but will add it to my list.

      Fiona xx

  • My favourite is always the Sleek Solstice palette; although I’ve not tried their others yet!! I also love Technic highlighters too 🙂 xx


    • Fiona

      Sleek is definitely one of my faves. I’ve not tried Technic but I’ll add them to the list of ones to try.