Pizza: The Best in Glasgow from Mozza

Pizza: The Best in Glasgow from Mozza

This may sound like a bold claim but the hashtag on the menu I was given at Mozza to take home with me was actually best pizza in Glasgow so it felt like they’d handed me the title for this post on somewhat of a silver platter. This isn’t the first food review I’ve done and they are ones that I really adore writing especially when the food was so good I’m already planning  when I’ll be back.

When I received the email asking if I’d attend their media evening I stereotypically jumped at the chance to attend but only after asking if the husband could come too. He’s quite the pizza connoisseur and if I went without him I’m fairly certain I’d have been sleeping on the sofa for quite some time.

A couple of weeks ago on a dry and balmy night we went off into town for dinner and to test out pizza, which considering we both used to work in Italian restaurants meant our hopes were high while our bellies were empty. When we got there I was given a glass of prosecco with a glass of coke for the driver and we were shown to our table.


This was the focaccia which had actually been ordered by the couple at the table next to us and they when they realised they couldn’t manage it all they started offering it to the people around them so of course we took a piece (for sampling purposes obviously). It was garlicky and buttery and all the things that a good focaccia should be. It also helped to assuage the hunger until our pizzas arrived.

Mozza has 13 pizzas on it’s menu and a selection of sides to choose from too. As well as our pizzas we ordered a mixed salad (with no dressing due to my allergies) and this was where I had a small issue. The menu didn’t say what was in the salad and we were presented with a lot of raw onion in our salad which if I’d known it was there then I would have asked for it to come without this as well.


My husband ordered the no. 5 which is a pizza with a tomato generic propecia base, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, n’duja sausage and ventriciana salami which made for a fairly spicy pizza apparently and also means it’s not one that I’d be trying any time soon.


My pizza of choice was the no. 8 with tomato sauce, mozzarella, speck (ham) and basil. It should also come with ricotta cheese and olives but I asked for it without as they are 2 ingredients I’ve never been very keen on and would rather avoid.

The pizzas were amazing and I can honestly say I know why they’ve been called the best in Glasgow. They are traditional Neapolitan pizza’s made with D.O.P (this is the Italian term for the laws that protect the names of speciality food products with a specific geographic origin) products and are all fantastic make the pizza taste like you were in Italy.


Then it was time for dessert, which we both just about had space for at this point but I’m fairly certain I should have gone smaller when it came to the ice cream. Yes, that is a schooner of ice cream and I was too much of a wimp to try and finish it. Dairy is a trigger for my gallbladder so I didn’t want to push it after all the cheese on the pizza.


Vaughan’s dessert was the cheesecake which was in the cutest little (I say little, it was flipping massive) Kilner pot and yes he finished the whole lot. As well as dessert, I had a cup of tea but they did something that always upsets me when I order tea which is to give the teabag separately to the hot water. Although, having been in France recently this is a very European way of serving tea, I just don’t like it.


Overall, even with the two teeny issues we encountered we’ll definitely be back soon as it’s the best pizza I’ve had and I didn’t have any issues with my allergies which is always something I need to take into consideration.

Will you be trying the best pizza in Glasgow soon?

Mozza Glasgow can be found at 39 Renfield Street

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Disclaimer: The meal was free but all views and opinions are our own.



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  • Jess Acorn

    Oh god I wish I hadn’t looked at this before ordering my lunch, it all looks incredible!

    Jess x