The Alice 1951 Tag

The Alice 1951 Tag

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney movies and when I saw this tag on Danielle and Jenny’s blogs I just knew that I needed to do it too. I even trekked through Central Park to find the Alice in Wonderland statue and the plaque with my favourite quote which you can see above. Hope you enjoy reading my answers as much as I did writing them.

1. Who in Wonderland would you choose to be your best friend?

Probably the mad hatter as he seems to enjoy tea almost as much as I do.

2. Would you rather be humongous or teeny tiny?

Humongous because I’m already pretty teeny tiny and I’m not sure I like it very much.

3. What would your personal Wonderland look like?

Big comfy sofa’s all over the place as well as walls and walls of books. Also, a tv with all the films and tv shows that you could possibly want along with a permanently stocked kitchen too.

4. If you could take one possession with you to Wonderland, what would you take?

Probably my camera, so I could capture Wonderland in all its glory.

5. Similarly, if you could take someone with you to explore, who would you take?

I’d take my husband for his awesome sense of direction to make sure that we never get lost.

6. Would you most enjoy: Sailing in a glass bottle or falling down the rabbit hole?

Sailing in the glass bottle as falling is one of my absolute fears.

7. Minus the Red Queen, who would you least like to bump into?

The Cheshire Cat. He is the stuff nightmares are made of.

8. In the garden, which type of flower do you think you would be?

I honestly have no idea but I would love to be a daffodil as they are one of my favourite flowers.

9. Which of these locations would you like to call home: The Dormouse’s Teapot, The Cheshire Cat’s tree, The Red Queen’s Castle, The Caterpillar’s Mushroom.

The Dormouse’s Teapot without hesitation as I get the impression it would be very comfortable in there.

10. What would you do if you had to stay in Wonderland for 5 years at a time or could never visit again?

I’d stay in Wonderland for the 5 years but equally, I would try and arrange a Persephone-style deal so that I could go back and visit for half the time and be at home for the other half.

I hope you enjoyed my answers to the Alice 1951 tag and feel free to do this yourself, just let me know you’ve taken part so that I can read your answers too?

What’s your favourite Disney movie?
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