Bedroom Design Wishlist

Bedroom Design Wishlist

I’ve seen a lot of interior wishlist posts at the moment and it’s inspired me to write my own for a bedroom. I love our room but there are a few things I’d change if I could and I also seem to spend far too much time in the home section of shops for someone who has little to no disposable income and no need for most of the products on sale.


I am on the lookout for new bed linen but I need something that I like and can take photos on (highly important) but that also won’t get dirty in one day when my husband comes home from work covered in sawdust. See my problem here? I want crisp, white hotel style bedding but there is no chance I can have that being married to a joiner. I’ve been looking at greys and white bedding with designs on them so that if the white gets dirty it’s not so obvious.


At times it feels like I don’t own that many clothes and then I have a clear out but somehow doesn’t manage to create any more space. I think I need a larger wardrobe not only for my clothes but more space for the husband’s clothes too. I’ve fallen in love with one from IKEA as you can customise the side and which bits you have which is what I find really appealing.


Yes, that is bookcases, not just one. Between us, we have far too many books for just one bookcase and we also have books in crates under our bed because we’ve run out of space for them. When we own our own house I can see us having bookcases in more than one room to be able to fit them all in.

Solid Wood Floors 

As I mentioned in my allergies post, any home I have needs solid wood floors in the bedroom. I’ve been doing more internet searching and found some beautifully engineered oak flooring* that I’ve totally fallen in love with. What’s even better is that there is a solid oak flooring sale* on at the moment if you’re looking for flooring.

Since writing this bedroom design wishlist and other interiors posts, I’ve since added other items to my wishlist so I think there may be another one in the works. What’s on your bedroom wishlist?



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