Bullet Journal: Starting again and keeping it going

Bullet Journal: Starting again and keeping it going

I posted a while back about starting a bullet journal and then life got in the way and I stopped using it. This year I decided to try again and use my bullet journal for my work rota as well as the blogging info that I like to have to hand with a diary in my handbag. The kind folks at Bureau Direct* sent me a brand new notebook and highlighters to get my bullet journal up and running again – I was sent a set which consisted of a Leuchttrum doted 1917 notebook and pen loop in royal blue as well as a set of highlighters. The bullet journal starter set costs £21.95 which is a great price when you consider how much it would cost if you bought the items separately.

bullet journal

Before doing any designing in my new notebook I made a list of all the pages I wanted my bullet journal to have and which order I wanted them to be in. I then worked out many pages I’d need for each of the spreads I was doing and how I could incorporate notes pages into my bullet journal as well as ensuring that I would have enough space for anything.

bullet journal

The main pages I need in my bullet journal are:

  • month to a page for my rota
  • month over 3-4 pages for more detailed info for my day
  • Symptom tracker – month per page
  • Post tracker – for PR items and anything I’ve ordered
  • Blog and social media statistics

bullet journal

By adding the pages that I know I need, I can keep track of everything in one place and not need to carry around a personal diary, blog diary, and blog notebook. I’ve kept pages within the notebook for blog post ideas and for keeping track of the volunteering I do too. I love the fact that with a bullet journal I can make it what I want and look the way I want it. I love actual diaries too but in all honesty, they never have enough space for everything that I need to keep track of and that becomes annoying after a while.

bullet journal

I love the dotted Leuchttrum as a bullet journal as I feel I can do more in the way of making the bullet journal work me for compared to using the lined version which I tried using before. The highlighters are fab and don’t ghost through the pages as badly as some other pens do. I’ve found with things like highlighters, a lighter touch is needed so the ink doesn’t ghost through. The pages where I have grids, I don’t mind that as much, as it helps with drawing the grids on the next pages.

I’m hoping now that I’ve started my bullet journal I can keep it going for this year and then start a new one for next year.

Have you tried a bullet journal or have some tips for me?

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  • Jess Acorn

    Good luck with sticking to it this time! I’ve tried and failed more time than I can count but I enjoy doing it so I won’t let that stop me next time I want to give it a go

    Jess | http://acornlifefitness.com