My Top 3 Crime Authors

My Top 3 Crime Authors
I find that at times picking just one book by a particular author that you think is good is actually a very difficult thing to do but find an author that you like and you’ll find yourself wanting to become immersed in the world they have created. Whether you’ve started from the beginning or have read a recent publication and had to go back to the start these are books you’ll want to add to your collection and read in the future as well as now. As I’ve already done my top 3 fantasy authors, I decided to also try and pick my top 3 crime authors and it was much harder than it sounds.

Linda Fairstein

The first of such authors is Linda Fairstein (whose titles include Likely to Die, The Bone Vault and Lethal Legacy). Her books are centred round the life and career of Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper who specialises in prosecuting criminals who commit crimes of a sexual or violent nature and she also works closely with two NYPD cops and who are also her close friends. One works with homicide and the other with Special Victims Unit and they all work together to find justice and along the way this usually involves saving Alex from being kidnapped by the bad guy. While her books seem to follow a “formula” the best books usually but the story and the characters more than make up for the fact that her books follow a similar pattern.
While in each book she summarises the back story for each character it means you don’t need to have read every book by her to understand what’s happening. I found that going to the beginning and starting from there is a good way to meet the team from the start of their relationships but its not a necessity.

James Patterson

The second author I would recommend for this genre is James Patterson and his close to life writing of crime fiction. Whether it’s the Women’s Murder Club Series, Michael Bennett or his stand alone fiction (I admit I’m not a fan of his Alex Cross books) any of his books can be read without having read their predecessors. The series books are perfectly readable out of order and then if you want to go to the start and read their history you can without it influencing the stories you’ve already read.
Due to the short chapters in his books they are perfect beach or even travel reading as when you need to put them down you’re not stopping mid chapter and having to remember where you were in the book. They also help when a few minutes of escapism is all you have time for not a whole afternoon.
His latest in the series of the Women’s Murder Club is 14th Deadly Sin, which unfortunately I have yet to purchase but once I do hopefully I’ll have time to post a review.

Jack Higgins

The third author that’s one of my (many) favourites is Jack Higgins. While I’m not a fan of his historical novels (just not my cup of tea) the books of his I really enjoy are the ones written about Sean Dillion. In an odd twist of fate Mr Dillion exchanges his jail time for a contract working for the British Government’s “Solve Squad”. The team consisting of an army general, a major with a speciality in IT, a special branch police officer and latterly an MP and a couple of London gangsters, they solve the problems (domestic and international) that the Prime Minister is unable to solve in a diplomatic fashion.
Higgins is an author whose books are written in a “What if??” style and by that I mean it makes you wonder if previous or even the current government uses the same methods to tackle the issues we currently face.
For anyone that loves crime drama (and I include myself in this) then the books by the authors above will never fail to deliver. They will excite and enthral and ultimately leave you wanting more but equally be stories that you go back to time and again.

Who are your favourite crime authors? Leave me a comment and I’ll add them to my reading list.



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