#SportsNightIn – Host One This Summer

#SportsNightIn – Host One This Summer

I’ve posted about things on this blog from my book addiction to the geeky things I love but I’ve never once posted about sport. This isn’t because I don’t like sport but because I’ve never found the right way to get this across – until now. I’m actually a fan of Rugby Union and have even been to see the All Blacks play Scotland at Murrayfield (I’m sure you can figure out how the scoreline went….). This post is all about the ways I think you can have a #SportsNightIn watching the sport of your choice and what you need to make it a great evening.

This summer (now in fact) the British and Irish Lions are touring New Zealand which means they’ll be playing the All Blacks more than once. This also means that they’re on at a stupid time of day and we’ll be recording the matches to be able to watch them later in the evening.

We’re lucky enough to already have Sky Sports but if you want to watch these matches then a Sky Sports subscription is crucial. Like all technology issues do happen and somehow they seem to happen to us more than most – the joys of living in the countryside. I hate trying to find the phone number for customer service departments and this is where the site Contact Numbers* are a lifesaver (I’ve even linked directly to their Sky Sports page in case you need it) and they make it really easy to find any customer services number you may need.

If you’re going to be hosting a #SportsNightIn viewing party there are 3 essentials that still need to be considered.


For any sports viewing party, food is an essential, although I’m fairly certain I was too nervous to eat during one of the RWC 2015 matches and don’t get me started on the referee’s decision at the end of the match. I still get angry just thinking about it. On a more serious note, food is always necessary and it can be as simple as some crisps and dip or you can go all out with the party food and canapés. The choice is yours and just do whatever you’re comfortable with.



I want to make this point clear – the drinks you serve do not need to be alcoholic. That’s not to say that they can’t be but it’s nice to have a selection of both for the designated driver or for the person who for whatever reason isn’t drinking alcohol. I’ve been addicted to Appletiser recently which is actually helping the cravings for orange juice and lemonade which I can no longer have due to allergies.



Yes, what you wear for a viewing party is important. Personally, I love getting into the team spirit and wearing my All Blacks rugby shirt, although my current one doesn’t fit so I need to buy a new one sharpish. If you don’t have the relevant team strip why not wear their colours instead? Find a red jumper to wear instead of a Lions jersey or top to toe black if you’re supporting the other team. In case you’re wondering I actually support both teams, it’s a long story but either way, it means I’m happy with the result.

This post is actually the first of two as I’ll also be sharing how our #SportsNightIn viewing party actually goes on the night and hopefully getting to watch some awesome rugby too.

Are you planning a #SportsNightIn party?

If you have any other tips for me then pop them in the comments.

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