Decorating: Tips for this Christmas whilst on a Budget

Decorating: Tips for this Christmas whilst on a Budget

This is a guest post and feels so similar to something that I would have written about decorating for Christmas on a budget. I love getting the decorations out and making the house look all festive and this post has me itching to do that this year too. However, I work in retail so I need to get through the rest of my shifts before my time off in December too.  I also loved this post I wrote last year all about making Christmas magical with Bettys of Harrogate.

Christmas is just around the corner. There I said it. The year has absolutely flown by and before we know it we’ll be sippin’ on Baileys, scoffing mince pies and singing Band-Aid whilst putting up the Christmas Tree. Decorating the house for Christmas can be fun and exciting but if you do like to really get into the Christmas spirit with twinkling fairy lights and fancy wreaths and table sets then it can become a pricey affair. We all want our house to have a cozy, Christmassy feel during the cold winter months but with Christmas present-buying being expensive enough, affording all the extras on the tree can be a worry. Here are a few tips and tricks to transform your house into a Winter Wonderland, without the price tag.

Fake it to make it

Whilst having a real Christmas Tree certainly has its appeal (you can’t beat that fresh pine smell) you should maybe reconsider having a real tree in your home if you’re trying to save a bit of money this year. Not only can fake trees be re-used (to save you a bit of money every year) you can also buy some really lifelike ones these days. The mess is also less  – no pesky pine needles all over the carpet! If you think fake trees look a little bare and sparse, you can pimp them up with all kinds of great lighting choices, whether you’re into the traditional golden glow, multi-coloured or even bright blue. If you’re thinking of buying new lights this year, why not go for an LED option? These not only shine just as brightly as regular halogens, they use a lot less energy which in turn will save you on your electricity bills (and also mean you can put them all over the inside and outside of the house without the guilt – true grotto material!).

Set a theme

For the ultimate stylish Christmas, a colour scheme is a must. This year is all about the greys and silvers – colours which can look truly magical when used properly. Besides from looking (and feeling) super trendy, a theme/colour scheme can help stop you going overboard when buying decorations, so you don’t end up with bizarre dancing Santas and glittery stockings that you most definitely won’t use!


Is there anything more Christmassy than making your own decorations? You can even get the kids involved and decorate your tree with a something a little personal (that costs next to nothing). Ideas for (easy!) handmade decorations include pine cones dipped in PVA glue and silver glitter or even just cutting out Christmas shapes in cardboard (stars/trees) and letting the kids paint/colour them in. Buy cheap ribbon of different thicknesses, use the thinner to string up the decorations and drape the thicker around the tree as a stylish alternative to tinsel. Ribbon is super cheap from textile stores or local markets! If you’re feeling super adventurous you can even make your own table decorations – you don’t have to buy the super expensive fancy ones! Save up old jam and peanut butter jars, place a tealight inside and tie a bow around the rim – a gorgeous candle holder within minutes.

Kick it back Old School

Once your home is beautifully decorated, the next financial worry comes by: the entertainment. If you’re hosting this year, then you know as much as I do how much feeding a decent Christmas dinner to a family can cost. As much as you love your family and wouldn’t begrudge them a bloody great time on Christmas eve/day, throwing the mother of all parties probably isn’t within your budget. To everyone in good spirits this Christmas, forget the fancy speakers, iPads and Xbox’s for entertainment and why not re-introduce the games we all used to know and love! Old school games such as charades, guess who and even Snap bring everyone together and cost nothing to play/organise – so don your cracker hat, grab a mulled wine and guess that first word!

Do you have any tips for me for decorating your home on a budget at Christmas?



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