Seeing Switzerland with Inntravel

Seeing Switzerland with Inntravel

My holidays growing up always felt unconventional and I think that’s paved the way for the sort of holiday I enjoy now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved visiting NYC and have the photo diary post to prove it. Seeing Switzerland – well seeing more of it – is something I really want to do. When I was a child we’d travel for 24 hours to get to the South of France or the Dordogne region where we’d be staying on a campsite for a couple of weeks.

This year my husband and I are embarking on a similar trip (today in fact) and I’m honestly so excited. What I love most about that style of holiday is not only the freedom but because we’ll have the car with us, there’s a whole range of places we’ll be able to visit and activities we’ll be able to take part in. We’re going packed with enough kit to go hill walking if we feel up to it, swimming gear for our pool with our gîte and maybe for a trip to the Atlantic Coast and enough shorts and tops to maybe keep me going for a month rather than the two weeks we’re actually away.

We’ve not made any concrete plans but that’s ok as we want to relax this year rather than go off exploring a new city. I loved visiting NYC but with limited time and a list of things to tick off it didn’t quite feel like a holiday and for some reason a beach holiday feels dull and boring to me. I’m used to being on a campsite with activities and different villages and towns to go and visit rather than being in the same one. Maybe it’s the Scottish skin but sunbathing to me is actually quite boring and I’d rather be doing something with my time – even if most if it is spent in the pool.

This post is being written in collaboration with Inntravel* who describe themselves as the slow holiday people and want to help more people understand the benefits of a walking holiday in Switzerland. The Alps have gorgeous scenery especially if you’re on a walking holiday but there’s so much more than that. There’s a walk which is specifically between the peaks of the Eiger and the Matterhorn and is described by Inntravel as having some of the best walkings of the Alps.

This holiday sounds like it would be my kind of holiday. Enough activity that I don’t get bored as well as a fantastic way of seeing the Swiss scenery and don’t get me started on the food. Switzerland is famous for its gastronomy and this region is no different. I’ve also been looking at the scenery on the Inntravel website and it looks incredibly and totally insta-worthy! You get to fall in love buy tamoxifen usa with the great outdoors and see more of Switzerland than you would be able to with any other style of holiday.

Preparation for a holiday of this style is key and I’d been preparing for our holiday for about two months. We’re self-catering in our gîte which means I’m being totally over prepared and taking more than we probably need. We’ve also had to prep the car for travel in France as there are some more rules which we need to follow.

For a walking holiday in Switzerland, I would be going on walks whenever possible to get used to it but also used to the equipment that you’ll be carrying on a daily basis. A good rucksack is essential and the Mammut Xeron Element* is a great rucksack for a walking holiday as it has so much space. You’ll also need a decent water bottle and the one I was sent by Sigg* is a fab option. Another essential is socks and you can never have too many pairs of walking socks and a soft pair of cushioned walking socks makes the experience slightly better on your feet which the two pairs I was gifted will definitely do. What’s even better is there’s a pair that will fit me and one for one pair for my husband too. He was also excited by the Swiss Army knife by Victorinox* in the bundle which was hastily added to the stuff being taken with us on holiday as you just never know when that’ll come in handy. My last essential for a walking holiday is a snack to keep your energy levels up and seeing Switzerland wouldn’t be complete without chocolate and Lindt is definitely my favourite swiss chocolate.

What’s even better is I have an extra Mammut rucksack to giveaway to one lucky blog reader. Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below and no fields are mandatory but the more you do, the more chances you’ll have of winning.

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What would you like to do if you were seeing Switzerland?

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Inntravel who kindly gifted the bundle of goodies.

All views, opinions and experiences are my own.

The prize was also provided by Inntravel for the giveaway.



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