My Harry Potter Collection: Celebrating 20 Years

My Harry Potter Collection: Celebrating 20 Years

As you would expect my Harry Potter collection is an ever growing one and with today being the 20th Anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, it felt only right to share the whole of my collection with you all. I’ve broken it up into sections to make it a bit easier for me to write and for you all to follow too. Also, if you fancy checking out the rest of my Harry Potter posts they’re all here in my geek category on the blog.

Harry Potter Collection


Of course, I own all of the books and I’m going to admit that I now own more than one copy of several of the books. Of course with the new House Editions being released I had to snap them up but one year for Christmas my lovely husband bought me the full box set which is beautiful but the binding is fragile and they came apart in my hands. For this reason, the box is by bedside but I don’t read the books and instead, have other opines that I read. This also includes having the special edition e-books via iTunes which have the enhances scenes from Pottermore and make re-reading that much more enjoyable.

harry potter collection

I also have the first of the illustrated editions too and hope to eventually build up a full set of those too. There is an issue with this as I have quite a serious phobia which is stopping me from buying Chamber of Secrets (I can’t actually type it but you can probably figure it out). I’ll probably buy it once the rest have been released just to complete the set.

For Christmas last year, I was bought all the vault books as well as a bookshelf to put them on as I was drastically running out of space. Of course on my bookshelf, I also have the Cursed Child script and the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.



wearing wingz 2

I only have a few items of clothing but I bloody love the ones that I’ve got. It’s mostly T-shirts which I got with the GeekGear World Of Wizardry subscription and I do wear most of them a lot. I love this one of Fawkes as it’s not overly Harry Potter but really comfy when I need a longer t-shirt on. There are quite a few house related items on my wishlist from Platform 9¾ too but I would need a whole other post for that one.


Pop Vinyls and Assorted Merchandise

Harry potter collection

Of course, I have Pop Vinyl’s in my Harry Potter collection- I feel like it would be a crime not to. They also make fab props for Instagram photos too which is a nice side benefit. I’m not going to list them all as I’d be here all day but how cute is that Niffler? I picked him up in London the day after the Makeup Revolution birthday party as I had my obligatory trip to Forbidden Planet while I was there.

As well as Pop Vinyl’s I also have some other merchandise in my possession – some of it was purchased in the Platform 9¾ shop and some of it has come via GeekGear and probably other sources as well that I can’t quite remember. I know the artwork came from Primark a wee while back and they always have a selection of Harry Potter products in which is awesome.

The wands both came from GeekGear and I have replicas of both Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands, although I’m not entirely sure that having them on the same shelf is actually a good idea. Although not pictured, I do also have the house (Hufflepuff in case you weren’t sure) lanyard which I have on my keys and I also have the pin badge on my leather jacket.

My Harry Potter collection is continually growing and by this time next year, I’ll probably be posting an updated version of this post with all the purchases I’ll have made over the course of the year.

What’s in your Harry Potter collection?



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