Back in Black

Back in Black

Yes, I know I’ve used yet another song title for a blog post but it’s the one that works for this one. Even though it’s (apparently) summer I still end up wearing a lot black. Other than the fact that I look good in black, most of my favourite clothes are black.

Aren’t these shoes just gorgeous?? I bought them for an event last year and have only worn them a couple of times since. They’re perfect for summer though with a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt or dressing up a smarter outfit. I don’t really wear heels though as my knees just can’t cope with them anymore so fancy flats are the way forward for me. As you can see in the pic, these ones are by Melissa and are now in the sale so if you hurry you can grab a bargain.

Another staple in my (almost) all black wardrobe is my pair of black denim jeggings from Matalan. Now don’t judge me on the fact that they are jeggings but for me, they are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans. Due to my scar skinny jeans just rub in all the wrong places but jeggings don’t cause me any issues and if I hadn’t mentioned it I’m not sure you would have noticed.


As I mentioned in my wardrobe essentials post a comfy t-shirt is an absolute necessity for me. However, finding one that is a decent fit has been a huge issue recently and I can say with all confidence that this one is a fantastic fit. Length when it comes to tops is an issue for me as I like them on the longer side and this Moschino one from Tessuti definitely delivers on that front.

What are your black wardrobe staples? 
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