My Style: Have I Finally Found It?

My Style: Have I Finally Found It?

Honestly, I probably should have posted about the attempt I’ve made to find my style at some point but life just got in the way. I read a post by Little Miss Katy where she talks about polishing up her style and I relate to this so much at the moment. I’m also very much in awe of my bestie AJ Loves for knowing who she is and how she wants to dress “like Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush had a whirlwind love affair and shared a massive closet-that I discovered one day and claimed as my own”.

When it comes to certain items of clothing I know exactly what works for me and what doesn’t. Take jewellery, for example, you’ll never find me wearing yellow gold and it will include pretty much all the pieces from my post about the jewellery I wear on a regular basis as well as the new addition of the necklace that I was given for my wedding anniversary. If I’m in jeans my skinnies are black and any bootcuts that I buy will be light or dark denim. I’ve lived by these colour rules for years and have no idea why. I barely wear skirts but will wear a dress for the right occasion/I fall in love with one that I can’t leave the shop without.

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Footwear is a whole other story and one where I seem to struggle the most. Due to balance issues, I need to stick to flat shoes or ones with a very small heel. I love these grey western Chelsea boots by LOTD* as they’re so flipping comfy and I don’t notice the heel on them too much. I’ve been wearing ankle boots to work with a small wedge which I think has been helping. They also accommodate my very long big toe which considering I forgot to size up is a miracle. I love the zip on the side as I have trouble getting in and out of pull on boots these days. The grey boots are now sold out but they still have them in Mocha and Black for a respectable £20 per pair which means I’m tempted to get the black ones for work.

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These days I’ll usually be found in a long sleeved top and a jumper or a long sleeved top with a slogan tee or Harry Potter tee over the top. The long sleeved top is basically because I get so cold at the moment but in summer I switch from my long sleeved tops to my Wingz which keep me warm without me overheating. This slogan t-shirt from LOTD* is really comfy even if I did get the wrong size. It’s a bit bigger than I expected it to be which is ok as the top underneath keeps me respectable.

I think I’ve found the items of clothing that work for me and I’m sticking to a comfortable wardrobe with a basic colour palette of cream jumpers and black jeans which is a nice change from my work uniform too.

What do you think about my style and the realisations I’ve had?

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