Handbag: What do I always have in mine?*

Handbag: What do I always have in mine?*

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for ages and I’ve just never managed to get round to getting it typed up. That and I could never find a handbag that I wanted to post about or that I could get a good picture of. I felt better once I got the image for this post as it meant I knew what I wanted to put into the text. The same thing happened when I wrote my post about my favourite jewellery pieces as for some reason the image makes the words flow.

Now back to the point of the post – what I carry around in my bag all the time. It’s probably all fairly obvious to you what I keep in there but I also wanted an excuse to show of this gorgeous handbag from M&S which I had spotted when I was on a break at work and fell in love with (unfortunately it’s now out of stock, but I’ve linked to the sale page in case it comes back).

Day to Day

I always have my purse and keys in my bag and to make them easier to find in there I’ve attached my trusty Hufflepuff lanyard. The cute pig that’s on there (it was very popular when I posted the picture on Instagram) is actually a little torch so I can see my dodgy driveway when I get home from work in the dark and actually oinks when you press the button which is the cutest thing ever.

Pens are an absolute essential in my handbag along with a notebook as you never know when blog inspiration will take hold. I also have a diary so I can keep track of my work rota and make any changes as they happen. Also, yes, I know it’s winter but I need to have my sunglasses in my handbag in case I end with a migraine. Equally, in winter the sun is really low when it’s coming up and it can hurt if I’m on the bus when this is happening.


If I’m traveling or on holiday then my Olympus Pen and my lenses will be in my bag too. Although I have an iPhone 7+ and love the photos that  I can get with it, my 45mm lens is my dream lens and is nice and compact enough to carry around when pounding the pavement in another city or a French village for that matter.

I may do an updated version of this post at some point with more pictures but for now, I hope you enjoyed the wander through what I always have in my handbag and if you post about what’s in yours then I’d love to read it.

What do you keep in your handbag?

Disclaimer: I received this item via Love the Sales and all views and opinions are my own.



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