I Believe I Can Fly*

I Believe I Can Fly*

Yes, I went for another song reference as a post title. I know, I know that’s two in one week. I promise I’ll stop soon but for you now you just have to put up with it. I don’t about you, but I love a good logo t-shirt but it’s often too cold up here in chilly Scotland to be able to pull one off properly. That’s where Wingz* comes in. Described as being arm coverage they are fab for popping on underneath a t-shirt (as in the pic above) and give me that added bit of warmth on my arms.
As you can see in the picture below they aren’t full coverage like an extra layer so while they keep my arms warm the rest of my top half is a normal temperature and I don’t overheat.


Prices start at £16 and go up from there but for added warmth and comfort I think its worth it. Wingz* offers a sense of security for anyone who is self-conscious of their upper arms or like me needs warmth in one location but not another.

Any other products I should be checking out? 
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