Wearing Wingz for Long Car Journeys*

Wearing Wingz for Long Car Journeys*

I reviewed Wingz once before with a comically entitled post “I believe I can fly” and unfortunately I’ve not been able to come up with such a witty title this time around. However, it is functional and explains exactly what I aim to set out within this blog post which is wearing Wingz for a long car journey.

In just over 2 weeks (from writing this post) my husband and I will be setting off on a mammoth journey of driving from Glasgow all the way to our self-catering cottage in France. Hang on, let me adjust that, he’ll be driving and I’ll be navigating. It’ll be about 16 hours in the car over two days which means I need to be comfortable but also warm as I get cold very quickly but only my arms and not my whole body. Wingz are the perfect solution for this as they cover the bits that get cold but don’t make the rest of me overheat.

Glasgow to Kent

For the Scotland to the South of England portion of the journey, I decided to go with the black full-length Wingz* as they’ll keep me warm for longer and went with my favourite Harry Potter t-shirt which is one of Fawkes the Phoenix and isn’t full on Harry Potter which will keep the husband happy.

wearing wingz 1

wearing wingz 2

Kent to Cahors

For the French leg of the journey, I’m taking into account that the temperature may rise the further south we travel. What this means is I’ll get warmer but it’ll take a while and  I’ll probably still be cold for the majority of the journey. This is where the black ¾ length Wingz* come in handy as they keep warm and cool at the same time. Yes, I know my body temperature is weird. This time I’ve popped them on under this gorgeous embroidered top from Peacocks which is really comfy for long journeys.

wearing wingz 3

wearing wingz 4

In all the photos and all days, I’ll be wearing my trusty black jeggings from Matalan and my comfy Toms which I picked up in NYC.

Have you ever considering wearing Wingz or do you already?

Disclaimer: The Wingz were provided for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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