Caring for Problem Skin*

Caring for Problem Skin*

If you’ve read my blog before – specifically my post about Dermatique Recuperating Cream – then you’ll know that I suffer from eczema and that I’m always on the hunt for creams and lotions to ease my condition. Thankfully my eczema isn’t that bad but finding things that work for me is getting harder due to the fact that I’m allergic to some of the ingredients of the creams which have been designed to help me. This post contains a few creams that have been helping me so far and how they can help you if you need it too.

Cetraben Lotion

Cetraben* is the product I reach for when I’m having a really itchy day and nothing is taking the sting out. Sometimes eczema feels like I’ve got the rash from hell and it’s stinging, red and itchy. The range of Cetraben creams and lotions make life a lot easier and mean I’m not scratching as much.

The Daily Cleansing Cream is a 2-in-1 cleanser and moisturiser which helps to maximise skin hydration. I’ve been using this in place of a body lotion and I love it but it can also be used as a cream cleanser if you need to use something plain on your skin. I was sent the large size and although I’ve been using lots of it, I still haven’t finished it yet.

The Cetraben Lotion is a lighter emollient than the cream and has been designed for people who need their creams to dry quickly. In my job, I use a lot of hand sanitiser so I’m putting the lotion on afterwards to keep my hands moisturised but as a customer could walk up at any second I need my cream to dry so I can serve again. This pot is also a fab size to carry in my handbag and not feel weighed down by too many bits and pieces.

The Cetraben Cream is the original emollient cream by the brand and is pretty similar to the Diprobase that I was prescribed by my doctor. What I love about all the Cetraben products is that they’re not only kind to my skin but are also pretty much fragrance-free for the days where I want to know that what I’m putting on my skin will be kind to it and not have a strong scent when I’m at work.

The Fay Farm

The Fay Farm produces products which are handmade and organic and this is one of the reasons that they appeal so much to me. As much as I adore the mass-produced products for dealing with my skin irritations I also love using products where thought and care has been taken when making each product and this is what you’ll get when buying from the Fay Farm. They sent me the Healing Hemp Lotion* (HOE Free Version) – this means there is no Hemp Oil Extract in there – and I love it. The lotion is light but highly moisturising and I love it for days where my skin needs a bit more of a treat. It’s made with completely organic ingredients and the team were also good enough to double check that I’d be able to use the lotion based on my latest allergies.

It reminds me of the Hemp Creams from the Body Shop that I used to love to but I went off the green shade of the cream and the fact that if you used it on very dry skin it could actually turn it green (my husband has the skin to prove it). This lotion is white but with a hint of a scent so for this reason, I’ve not been using it at work just in case anyone passes any judgement on it. I’ve been trying to ration it a bit though as it would be very easy to just keep using it as it’s just that good. I’m keeping it as a treat for my skin and for when it needs more hydration than the Cetraben can provide.

Yes, I do use multiple creams for my eczema and I’m a firm believer in that you use what works for you. Using multiple products works for me but you might only need one of these. If you are only choosing one, then I would be going for the Fay Farm every time. Admittedly, I would need to get it sent over from the US but I think it would be worth it for how it makes my skin feel after I’ve used it.

What do you use for your problem skin? Any tips for me?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey