Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Yes, my tenth wedding anniversary was actually over a month ago and yes I probably should have had this post written a lot sooner but I’m going, to be honest, and admit that life well and truly got in the way and I am way behind with the posts that I should be writing. Thankfully I only have a few shifts of work left before I’m off for Christmas and I can’t wait to have time off to be in the house and blog as well as helping get all the food sorted for the big day.  This post about our tenth wedding anniversary gifts wasn’t one I was originally going to post but so much hard work and thought went into some of them so I feel that I need to acknowledge that as well as sharing what my lovely husband gave to me too.

The gift wrap in the image above was sent to me from Pretty Gifted* and I love it. What I really loved about their service is that you get to choose the colour of the paper, the text and the colour of the text too. It was nice to be able to wrap a present in a paper that I really like as opposed to finding some in a shop and thinking “it’ll do”. The sheet of gift wrap is sent out as a roll which is in a triangular box which confused my postie no end but kept the sheet of paper in perfect condition to be used and below is what was hidden inside the gorgeous wrapping paper.

The card was specially designed for me by Jemma and I do love what she did for me. As well as the card she also sent me a large print of the image to keep too and I need to get it framed at some point soon so I don’t lose it. I say this even though I have nowhere to actually put another framed print at this point in time. The book is called Tails of Friendship by Sally Grace* and is pictures of owners and their dogs with quotes about dogs or ones that apply to the ones in the photos. This was the perfect gift for my husband as he loves dogs as well as great imagery of them too. I also bought him a tin of After Eight’s as ten years is traditionally tin and it was the only thing I could think of that came in a tin that he would like.

This was a present from my bestie (the wonderful AJ from AJ Loves) and it was the most me gift that she could have bought. I love tea and I also love Alice in Wonderland so this really is the perfect gift for me – shame the husband isn’t as crazy about both of those as I am.

And finally, the gift that I know you’ve all been waiting to see is what the husband bought for me. He went all out (and over our pre-arranged budget) and bought me the most beautiful tin necklace with a sapphire and a diamond which also represent ten years of marriage. It came from Crofty Tin and if you follow the link you can read all about the pendant and the meaning behind the two stones being there with the tin.

What do you think of our tenth wedding anniversary gifts?



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