Blog Photography: All My Secrets

Blog Photography: All My Secrets

Grab a cup of tea and get comfy because this post is going to be a long one. I’ve covered all the tech I use for my blog photography including the new camera by Panasonic that I’ve been lusting after, the camera I use and how I edit all my blog photos.

Blog photography is one of the things I love about running a blog. I admit it’s maybe not the thing I’m the best at and for me, that’s a good thing as it means I’m always pushing myself to learn more and to work harder for photos that I love, even if that does mean buying two notebooks that so far I’ve only used for photos. Although I’ve posted before about how I edit my photos and my photo setup I felt that with some of the changes I’ve made recently it was time to post a much more detailed and updated version of those posts.

Blog Photography Tech

I use the Olympus Pen E-PL8 to take my blog photos with the 14-42mm pancake lens which I picked up on Amazon but is also available from Jessops. I also use the 45mm lens which was a birthday gift from my husband a couple of years ago and I love it. The only thing I don’t like about it is how far back you need to be to use it but if you want that sought after blur on your photos then its the lens for you. I love the posts Debs of Bang On Style has written about the Olympus Pen and also how the lenses work too.

blog photography olympus pen epl8

I have a mini tripod that fits with my camera and my phone and is handy for those all important in the hotel bed shots which I’ve managed to achieve when staying on my own by luck more than anything else. I really want a full-size tripod too for when I’m taking blog photos as my hands have developed a bit of a shake and it’s not helping my photo quality. I’ve also been lusting after the Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera* by Panasonic which is a camera I would definitely be choosing if I was doing more travel as the picture quality looks amazing. 

Blog Photography Editing

I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that I can be quite lazy when it comes to my photo editing. I like being able to edit on the go so I use the A Color Story app to do all my photo editing. I’ve found it does all that I need it to without having to use multiple apps or do my photo editing on my laptop. I’m using this photo of some Cetraben product as my example of how I edit my photos as it needed a little bit of work to get it to look the way I wanted it to.

What I’ve done is put the explanation of each step in the caption for each screenshot. Doing it that way was easier to keep all the steps together plus I do feel that the app is pretty self-explanatory. From memory the app itself is free but you can pay for filters within the app. I paid for the On The Road pack which is handy for all the street photography that I do. I love the fact that you can layer the filters over one another to create a signature look for your photos.

blog photography a color story screenshot

This is the main screen where you see the photo you’ve chosen to edit and some quick options if all you need to do is crop an image for example.

This is where you choose which menu you want to use and is the main menu that you return to. I always go for the tools menu first so that I can crop the image before deciding on how I want it to look.

Within the crop menu, you have lots of options. I cropped the image to square and to lose some of the white space too.

Then I go to adjust which was on the left-hand side of the tools menu and edit the image. I use curves to brighten the image without making the white too stark. I sometimes adjust the high tone and the contrast too if the orange walls of our bedroom affect the colour of my picture.

This is what you’re presented with when you use the filters option on the main menu. There quite a few free options and you can add the ones you use most regularly to the favourites menu too.

These filters are my favourites and the ones I’ve been using for all my Instagram photos. I use Picadilly, then Abbey Road, then Copper and adjust each slider according to how I want the picture to look.

When you’re finished, hit the review button and you can save your image or return to the editing steps. I save my image then add to it a different app for Instagram sorting. You can bulk edit and add photos to the grid on A Color Story to see how they fit together for Instagram.

Below is the side by side comparison of the original photo and the one that I uploaded to Instagram. I prefer the edited image as the products are clearer, there’s less white space bordering the image and it’s a lot brighter than the original too.

There you have it – all the secrets of my blog photography. I want to add that I am still learning and that I’ll probably end up having to edit this post in a few months when I figure out a better way to do what I’m doing now. I have a few more photography posts planned which I’m excited about and is something I never thought I would find myself typing on this blog.

What do you think of my blog photography or do you have any questions for me?




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