Frizz Ease by John Freida Review

Frizz Ease by John Freida Review

Frizz. I think my hair just needs to hear this word and it becomes a tangled mess that only a good hair wash will fix. I’ve tried for years to find something that works and means less time spent with a pair of straighteners and more time spent actually getting something done. As a person I am not high maintenance but my hair most definitely is! I’ve tried various shampoos in the past and have even blogged about finding the right hair care.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago when Laura was up for the weekend and as well as highlighting just how random my hair colour is right now it’s also proving a good example of what my hair does when left to its own devices. I have thick hair and quite a lot of it so getting it to actually play along with what I want to do can be a challenge.

I live in Scotland which means cold and wet winters, the desire for an extra 5 minutes in bed in the morning and hair that doesn’t go frizzy the moment I walk outside the front door. This winter the Frizz Ease collection* (shampoo, conditioner and serum) are going to be helping me with that last point.

I’ve been using all three products for a couple of weeks now and I’ve seen a massive improvement on how my hair behaves and I’ve even managed to remove unnecessary straightening from my regime which is also helping my hair.

Both the Forever Smooth Shampoo and Forever Smooth Conditioner contain coconut oil and conditioning agents which have been used to help strengthen hair and build up an immunity to frizz with every use. If you keep using the shampoo it should become smoother and more immune to being frizzy.

When I was about 14 my hairdresser suggested that I use the John Frieda Frizz Ease serum but when I used it I found that my hair ended up greasy rather than frizz free as it should have. Based on this poor experience in the past I didn’t want to try the Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum but in the interests of science/blogging I decided to give it a go and boy was I impressed. The serum goes on damp hair and can be used all over.


I took this photo after washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and then using one pump of the serum (yes – one pump of product for all that hair) on wet hair before blow drying. I love the result and I’ve not had to straighten this at all. Normally I would have to spend at least half an hour straightening all of this to get it to sit flat. I even went out the next day in some light rain and I didn’t go frizzy immediately. This feels like a miracle and one that I am quite happy to endorse.

All these products have been designed for people with medium-thick and wavy/curly hair types. It’s also suitable for all levels of frizz and what’s even better is you can use it on colour treated hair. I honestly think I’ll be using these products all winter and they’re also a fairly reasonable price for the results that you achieve with them.



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