Testing Cetraben For Eczema*

Testing Cetraben For Eczema*

This post contains gifted products but all views and opinions are my own.

Winter is when my eczema is so much worse. I’m set off by extremes of heat and cold so when I try and warm up I get itchy. Thankfully this winter hasn’t been too bad (so far) please bear in mind I live in Scotland so winter is a bit of a movable feast around here.

Cetraben Lotion

Cetraben Lotion is the one product that I’ve been using the most recently (other than my Pixi Rose Tonic) and it’s also the one that’s been doing the most good. I’ve been using the lotion on my hands at work after using the cleaning products and the hand sanitiser. Both have been doing a number on the skin on my hands so I’ve been doing as much as I can to protect them.

The lotion is absorbed quickly and a little goes a long way. Or maybe that’s because I’ve got small hands. I also love the fact that it comes in two sizes (50ml and 200ml) which means I can have a large pot in the house and a smaller one in my handbag.

Cetraben Cream

Cetraben Cream (50ml or 200ml) is reserved for when the scratching starts and I need something to cool my skin down. When I scratch I get very red and hot which then needs to be cooled and soothed very quickly. The cream does this for me and what’s even better is it’s been working on my husband’s itchy leg too.

Cetraben Ointment

Cetraben Ointment is the one that I don’t use but my husband does. He has horrifically dry skin on both his hands and his feet and ointment seems to be the only thing which makes it better. He applies a liberal amount to both his hands and feet and then wears gloves and socks so that the ointment soaks into the skin overnight.

If you’re using a lot of it then I would go for the larger size of pot (485g) if you can as the smaller size runs out very quickly.

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream is amazing for adding moisture after a bath or shower. I use it in place of a scented body lotion which means I’m keeping allergens to a minimum as well as looking after my delicate skin.

It’s a 2-in-1 product which means it can be used as a cleanser as well as a moisturiser. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use it as a cleanser yet but it’s god to know that I have that option should I ever need it.

Final Thoughts

The Cetraben range is one that has stolen my heart when it comes to sorting out my eczema. I love the fact that there are different products that do different things but also come in handbag sizes too. It also helps that across the range if I don’t use something my husband will. This is very handy as his skin has been getting worse and finding things that he will use has been tricky.

Have you used Cetraben before? Do you have any alternatives for me to try?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey