Adagio Tea First Impressions*

Adagio Tea First Impressions*

This post was going to be a full review but with working so many shifts and being sent so many teas (pictures to follow) I decided a first impressions post was a better idea and I can try and review the teas as I work my way through them. The team at Adagio Teas* kindly sent me a huge selection of black teas to try as these are my favourite kind to drink.

They also sent me the glass mug and infuser (£18) which also comes with a handy lid to keep all the steam in while your tea brews. It’s a great size and the infuser in the mug means that you don’t have any pesky loose tea in your mug and you just pop it out once the tea has been brewed to your desired strength.

The package also included some tea bags which are designed to be used with loose leaf tea which is really handy if like me you actually really hate cleaning out infusers. The paper filters are £4 for a box of 100 which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. I don’t drink loose leaf tea all the time but these definitely make life a lot easier for me when I do. One review I read on the website also suggests that they can be used for ground coffee which I certainly hadn’t considered but makes a lot of sense.

The first of the teas I’ve tried so far is the English Breakfast as I wanted to stick with a tea that I knew before moving on and trying more of them. I had a few issues getting tea from the resealable pouch into the paper filter but I managed it eventually by decanting some into a ramekin first. When it was brewing it looked a lot lighter than some of the English Breakfast teas I’ve drunk before but as I like my tea weak this isn’t too much of an issue for me. If you do like a stronger tea then I would leave it to brew for as long as possible before drinking. The flavour was great and is definitely a tea that I’ll be drinking more of.

Overall, so far all my first impressions of Adagio Teas are all positive and I can’t wait to try the rest of the teas that I’ve been sent. The Darjeeling and the SUmmer Rose are definitely top of my list.

What’s your favourite tea?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey