Tech Wishlist – My Choices

Tech Wishlist – My Choices

I’ve always had an obsession with technology so it really was only a matter of time before I was posting a tech wishlist on my blog. A while back I wrote about LED Lighting and why you should make the switch which in a round about way (my brain works in mysterious ways) got me thinking about the items that would appear on my ultimate tech wishlist.

Camera and Lenses

I adore my Olympus Pen EPL-6 but there is something compelling about the EPL-8. There are a few features that my camera doesn’t have such as the inbuilt wifi which would mean I’d be able to use my phone as a remote – when I get round to buying my tripod that is.

I’ve also recently fallen in love with the 17mm lens and I think this at the top of my wishlist for camera equipment. While I adore my 45mm lens there is just something alluring about the 17mm and I as I’m teaching myself more about photography the need for more lenses seems to be increasing along with it.


The UHD TV Panasonic* is a gorgeous TV which would make watching Netflix a dream. I also prefer to watch films at home rather the cinema but I really would love to be able to get the cinema experience at home. As the TV’s are either 58″ or 65″ screens meaning that I probably wouldn’t need my glasses on to be able to see the TV. I’d also be ab;e to top my hot water bottle whenever I want and be able to pause the movie when I feel like it.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my laptop but I would love to own a Macbook of some description if only to make syncing my other Apple devices a lot easier. iTunes seems to have an issue with operating on a Windows laptop so a Macbook would make complete sense. The problem with this would be the memory issue – they just don;t seem to have enough for my liking.

What would be on your tech wishlist?

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