Glasgow: My Favourite Places

Glasgow: My Favourite Places

I’ve been talking about writing this post for ages but I didn’t have all the photos I needed but then I took the pictures and somehow I just put off writing the post. I can’t establish why I never wrote this post but I’m getting it done now and I’m glad I am as I love writing about travel and my favourite things to do in a city. This favourites post is all about my favourite things to do in Glasgow and I even have one about London planned for next month too. This is actually my second post all about my home city as I’ve already posted about the fact Glasgow is the 2nd happiest city in the UK and with attractions such as these I can see why.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


This is my favourite of Glasgow’s museums and it’s one that I try and go to as often as I can. Not only because they have an RAF Spitfire hanging from one ceiling but because it’s somewhere my grandmother used to take me to during school holidays. Laura from Inside Laura’s Head is the person to ask about how my face lights up when I’m in there. I do miss the fact that you can’t compare your height to the giraffe anymore because of how things have moved but I love that some of the Burrell Collection has been moved to Kelvingrove during the refurbishment.

While my grandmother took me here, my grandfather would take me to the old transport museum which was at Kelvin Hall across the road. Unfortunately, it’s no longer there and has been replaced by the Riverside Museum which I’ve been to a couple of times but isn’t the same as the old transport museum I knew and loved.

Princes Square


While we’re on the subject of places I was taken by grandparents, Princes Square, Glasgow is where I was taken by my other grandmother, especially at Christmas where we would go for lunch with her sister. I don’t know what it is about this space but I love wandering the stores in there and mentally spending money that I don’t have. This picture is actually of the backdoor and the front of the building is just as gorgeous. There are three entrances and one of them is a long escalator with pictures of famous Scots all up the wall. They’re painted in such a way that they only come into focus as you move up closer towards them. Princes Square is a shopping and dining destination and is definitely my favourite place to go for lunch or a cup of tea when I’m in the city centre.

Central Station


How can anyone not love this station? Ok, so it might be a bit drafty but it’s still such a pretty building. I don’t use the station very often so if I’m here this usually means long distance southerly train travel. What I’ve always found fun is that if you were meeting someone in the station you would arrange to meet them under the clock and it makes you feel like you’re in a mystery novel doing this. One of the things I love is coming over the bridge on a train into the station. It’s a view I adore and you’ll always find me staring out the window towards the Hydro, the Squinty Bridge and the Finnieston Crane.

Buchanan Street


A post on Glasgow favourites wouldn’t be complete without me including Buchanan Street, otherwise known as the style mile. It’s a fully pedestrianised mile of road which is full of shops and at the weekends is always full of shoppers. There will always be a minimum of one busker and at least one person doing balloon animals but this is why I like it. Buchanan Street is like a mini Covent Garden in the summer and as it’s one of my favourite areas of London this means I’m drawn to this part of Glasgow in the summer much more than I am in winter.

Well there you have it, my favourite places in Glasgow and I hope you’ll check them out too if you’re ever in the city.

Do you have any favourite places in Glasgow?



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