Jewellery: What I Wear on a Regular Basis

Jewellery: What I Wear on a Regular Basis

This post is one that’s been hiding in my drafts for what feels like forever. The post was written but I didn’t have any pictures for it and I could never get the shots I wanted. Then about a week ago I got the camera out and somewhere I managed to find my get up go and got the pictures for this post taken. Ramble over, so have a read through the jewellery I wear on a regular basis and the item that although new to me is definitely becoming a regular piece too.


This necklace started life as a bottle with a rose inside made to represent Beauty and the Beast which is one of my favourite Disney films. Then the bottle fell off, but instead of being upset I popped a whole load of charms on the chain that mean something to me and now wear it pretty much everytime I leave the house. I love the fact that it’s mine and no one has anything similar.


There are 3 rings that I wear religiously – my wedding ring, the Celtic style ring which is on my right middle finger and the gorgeous garnet ring which sits on my ring finger and is held on by my wedding ring. This is where the story gets a bit complicated. I would say it’s a family buy nolvadex 40mg heirloom, if only for the fact that I have no idea who it belonged to in the first place. We found it in the back of the wardrobe when clearing out my gran’s house but we know it wasn’t hers. There’s a nice mystery there if anyone wants to write a mystery fiction novel based on it.


For ages, I had been wearing one of the arrow bracelets from Jewellery Box but one day it snapped off my wrist. I’d been looking for a replacement for it when I was contacted by Brown’s jewellers and offered one of their pieces for review. I fell in love with the rose gold bracelet instantly (can we all say stereotype?). But honestly, I chose it because it’s one I’ll wear on a regular basis and already it’s been on my wrist every time I’ve left the house since it arrived. The bracelet came in a gorgeous box which kept it nice and secure in transit. I always have to have something on my wrist and the bracelet is there instead of my usual popband which makes me look a bit more dressed.

Do you have any jewellery that you wear on a regular basis?
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Disclaimer: Bracelet was provided for review. All views and opinions are my own.



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  • Such a cute bracelet and trinket dishes! I love jewellery.

  • I love the little cat dishes. I only wear my wedding ring. I used to wear my engagement as it’s more sparkly but my fingers swelled up when I became pregnant and they’ve never went back down so it doesn’t fit!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  • What a lovely collection (& photos!) I wear 4 rings every single day including my wedding/engagement and then 2 of my mum’s – aside from that I chop & change the rest x

  • What gorgeous pics and jewellery. I always wear rings and I love the ones in this post so much. Xx

  • This Vamp London bracelet is beautiful! Love it anything rose gold 🙂

    Kenzie x
    Kenzie | LemonaidLies – Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Makeup Musings

    I’m terrible at remembering to wear any! I must start. I do love rose gold though ?

    Annie x |

  • That bracelet is so incredibly pretty and understated xx

  • Lovely post – I’m not a big jewellery wearer, but I love rings so that’s what I will usually be wearing.

    Cass |

  • Great post 🙂 I have a white gold bangle that my partner and children had made for my 30th birthday that I don’t ever take off and a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet that my partner bought me for my 40th, I wear those all the time, I wear my engagement ring all the time and have 2 pandora rings that I wear all the time. I wear a lot of statement necklaces in the summer but in winter and when I’m not wearing a statement necklace I have a Tiffany necklace and Thomas Sabo necklace that my partner and children bought me over the years 🙂 xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • Kirsty Leanne

    This is such a cute idea for a post. I don’t actually have anything that I wear all the time. I don’t really own anything expensive or sentimental either… hopefully by the end of the year there should be a ring on my finger though 😉

    Kirsty Leanne

  • I think we share a similar taste in jewellery! I wear a sapphire necklace that my boyfriend gave me everyday, and two Pandora rings that my parents got me for my 21st. I absolutely love your necklace – like you say, it’s really unique and it’s so pretty! It’s a shame your arrow bracelet broke but I love the simplicity of the rose gold one from Brown’s! Also, that cat dish is so cute!

  • Georgia Hathaway

    Great idea for a post! I love your jewellery, especially your rings!

    Georgia x

  • Amy

    The charm necklace is amazing & i love the little meow plate.

    Amy –

  • I love your unique necklace. Great idea!
    The garnet ring is gorgeous! I have a celtic style ring very similar to yours ?.
    And the rose gold bracelet it stunning!
    I have a necklace with my football teams logo on that I wear anytime I leave the house ?, I feel bare if I forget it!