WordPress Plugins: My Favourites

WordPress Plugins: My Favourites

Since moving to WordPress I’ve been spending some fine getting used to how it all works and making use of the plugins available to me. This post is all about the WordPress plugins I love and find the most useful for me as a blogger and hopefully, you’ll find them useful too.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is one of the reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I like having a list to work through for pretty much any task so this is perfect for me. It uses a traffic light system and helps me and my dodgy memory to do everything possible to help the SEO of everything I post including adding alt tags to my photographs which I somehow always forget to do.


If you read my post about how to fix your broken links then you’ll be aware of the fact that I referenced a plugin called Redirection. Since I made the switch from Blogger there are still some pesky internal links with the .html ending which no longer exists and shows as a broken link. The easiest way I’ve found to fix this is by using this plugin to redirect the wrong URL to the right one. Along with Yoast it’s fab for helping with SEO and building up that oh so elusive DA score too.

Ultimate NoFollow

Although I can code a nofollow link I’m lazy and don’t like doing it for every post so a plugin that can do it for me is bliss. It adds a checkbox so I can make the link nofollow and open in a new tab really quickly. However, being able to code the link – and Holly’s post on the difference between follow and nofollow links helped – I can check if the code is right before I hit publish/schedule on a post.

WP Crontrol & WP Missed Schedule

speaking of scheduling posts, this is something I’ve been having issues with for a while but after reading lots of tutorials and forum threads I finally found the 2 plugins I need to be able to get it to work. I won’t bore you with all the technical cheap propecia no rx stuff but basically, these two work together to scan my site and deal with any posts that have missed their schedule. Think of it a bit like turning Word on to auto save every minute, well this works in a similar way and I have it set to scan fairly constantly too, just to be on the safe side.

The only issue with these plugins is they are not stored within WordPress but a small amount of internet searching and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a download of the .zip file. All you have to do is upload them, activate them and add a Cron Schedule (within Settings) for the time frame of your choosing. Mine is relatively low

404 Redirect

How many times have you clicked on a link and you’ve ended up on a page which said the page you’re looking for couldn’t be found? It can be annoying when it happens but if it’s your blog you want that reader to hang around and check out other pages while they’re there.

This plugin means that if a page is not found on your blog you can redirect the reader to a page of your choosing. I’ve set up a page which explains that what they were looking for may have moved but have put images coded with links to all my categories to try and encourage them to head to another part of my blog rather than being annoyed that the link they used didn’t work.

Public Post Preview

If like me, you like sharing your post with your best friend for quality control purposes then this is the plugin you need. After saving your post a draft there will be a tick box in the publish section which when ticked (you need to save the draft a second time) will create a link that you can share. This means you can have someone read a post before you publish and make sure it’s absolutely fantastic.

These are my favourite WordPress plugins. Is your favourite listed or do you know of one that will change my life?
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  • I love Yoast SEO and the Public Post Preview. I also use Jetpack and Social Media Plus! 🙂 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • Kirsty Hebdon

    I’m just getting to grips with WordPress plugins so this is a really helpful post, thank you!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project

  • Karen Williams

    I’m such an I.T idiot to be honest. Haha

    Karen x
    JinksyBeauty x

  • Again this was another really useful post Fiona, and it also made me realise how little I know about WordPress and it’s plugins! I definitely need to go away and do a little bit of research on these, so thanks for the advice! – Tasha

  • I’ve been considering moving to WordPress for a while but terrified of something going wrong as I’m not very tech savvy. These plug-ins sound incredibly helpful.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  • Amy

    Missed schedule saves my life! Before I had it I’d frequently see posts hadn’t gone.

    Amy – http://amyevans.blog (I’ve renamed from fourcatsplusus.co.uk) <3

  • I don’t have wordpress but these all sound brilliant xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  • I use Blogger, but I would like to move to WordPress at some stage so this will be really helpful!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • I use a few of these already but off to look at the 404 page error one I like the sound of that one

  • Tillie – Tea, Cake and Make

    These are really great plugins for those who are just getting started with WordPress, or don’t have the time or want to faff around with code and apache files!

  • Kel

    I’m not on wordpress as it looks way too complicated for me, but some of the plugins and stuff sound SO helpful!

  • This is a great post! I’ve been in need of something like the no follow plugin! I actually deleted Yoast SEO a few days ago because it was making my site slow, but I miss the seo word capabilities.

  • Ickle Pickle

    I use most of these but haven’t seen the public post preview one – what a great idea! Kaz x

  • The 404 redirect sounds really helpful, it’s so frustrating as a reader when a link doesn’t take you where it’s supposed to!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I dont use WordPress but it does sound as though you can do so much more with it than I can on Blogger x

  • Rachel Bradford

    I don’t use WordPress as it just seems like a lot of extra work but these do sound really useful

  • I am really considering moving to wordpress (getting someone to do it for me) it seems like it has so many more features and allows you a lot more freedom.

    Kenzie x
    Kenzie | LemonaidLies – Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

    • Fiona

      If you want someone to do the move for you. I’m available. Check out my blog services page xx

  • Karen Williams

    Im a Blogger girl at the moment. I find it easy for me! Haha

    Karen x

  • I am not on wordpress but do consider now and again moving. X

    • Fiona

      If you decide you want to move let me know and I can help you with the process.

  • Makeup Musings

    I am on WordPress and I found this very helpful to read!

    Annie | http://www.musingsofamakeupjunkie.com

  • I LOVE Yeost, it’s such a game changer and I’d be lost without it x

  • Another super helpful post for me – I just moved to WP in the new year and still getting to grips with it all! x

  • Rachel In Real Life

    There are some useful plugins there, I wouldn’t be without Yoast SEO!

  • Angela Milnes

    I’m new with wordpress and so easy for me and a friendly use. Glad you share this helpful ideas

  • Georgia Hathaway

    I love Yoast SEO, it’s one of my favourites! WordPress is so good!

    Georgia x

  • I love WordPress, but still pretty new to it myself so thank you for sharing this.

  • I forgot to add beautiful site by the way!!!