Kathleen Natural Glamour Ageless Serum Review*

Kathleen Natural Glamour Ageless Serum Review*

I feel like I’ve been blessed with fairly good skin, if you ignore the fact that one hint of sun I turn into a lobster. I also want to keep it that way which is why I’ve been making a conscious effort to treat my face the way it should be treated and not be so lazy with my skincare routine. I have blogged before about the Caudalie cleanser I’ve been using and while I’ve been following the normal routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise, my skin still feels dry even when using the thickest moisturiser I can. I started adding the Kathleen Natural Glamour Ageless Serum* £62.40 for 50ml) into my skincare routine about a month ago and it’s been making such a difference, especially with the heat we’ve been experiencing in Scotland recently. I know the price might put you off but a little goes a long way. I used the equivalent of a 10p piece worth and it covered my whole face and neck.

I’ve been applying the serum morning and night before I moisturise and I can’t believe the difference it’s been making. I was a slightly concerned when the bottle said serum as they can have an odd texture but this one is more like a light moisturiser. It contains over nine natural extracts which have been designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, protect against dryness and improve elasticity. It’s certainly been doing that for me. Below are two pictures of me barefaced which are a sort of before and after of using the serum. In the first you can easily spot the dry patches of skin but in the second picture I swear my skin looks smoother and more even.

When it comes to usability, I love the packaging and the fact that it’s a pump bottle for the serum as you can manage the amount of product you’re using effectively. The only downside is there isn’t a gauge on the side to show when you’re running low of the product. I like to know when something is close to running out so that I can repurchase before I run out. That’s the only downside that I can find with the product which means it looks like it will be a regular feature in my skincare routine.

Have you added anything new to your skincare routine recently?



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