Favourites: Everything I Loved in June

Favourites: Everything I Loved in June

I don’t usually write favourites posts and the reason behind this I tend to become fairly attached to the things I like and if I was to write a post like this every month not only would I get bored, but you, my lovely readers would also find it boring and I don’t want that to happen. However, June was a crazy month full of interviews, temping as well accepting not one but two job offers.

Everything I’m about to list is what kept me sane during the month and the things that it made it a little easier to cope with everything that was being flung at me.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone House Edition

Being a Harry Potter fan – you can read all about my full Harry Potter collection – there was no chance I wasn’t going to be buying this book when it was released. Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff but I’ve come to accept my status as a true Hufflepuff and this book has been keeping me company on what can only be describing as some boring temp work. I’ve been loving diving back into the wizarding world as well as reading all the extras that are in this special edition of the book. I’ve linked to the main Amazon page where you’ll find all the house editions in hardback and paperback.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray*

As mentioned above I’ve been temping and having interviews which means more often than not makeup and with that means making sure it stays on my face. This is the first setting spray I’ve tried and I’m honestly in love. The heat we had wasn’t as bad as down south but it still made wearing makeup damn uncomfortable. The setting spray held it on long enough for me to get to and from my meetings looking presentable and then it came off when I eventually made it home.

I was sent the travel size (£10) which at 30ml is great value for money but is also a fab size for throwing in a makeup bag or straight into my handbag. The full size is £23 for 118ml if you use it more regularly than I use mine.

Instant Effects Lash Volumiser*

The Instant Effects Lash Volumiser is a fab product and I’ve been using it pretty much every time I’ve put makeup on recently. It’s really been making my lashes look longer and more defined. I’ve even used it on its own a few times when the weather was really hot so I had something on but didn’t look too made up. It’s available from my favourite shop – Fortnum and Mason for £23 and there are some other products in their range which I now have my eye on too.

Zoella Travel Cup

I got this travel cup as part of the set with the backpack just before Christmas and I love it. The annoying thing about temping is there often isn’t a spare mug for me in the offices I’m in so I’ve started taking the travel cup and a stash of tea just in case. I’ve linked to the one from Superdrug which is £7 and comes with the fingerless gloves. I’m kinda tempted to buy this for myself so I have two cups and more gloves for when my hands start failing me again.

I kinda like the fact that my favourites for June was a nice mix of things and not just one category as my blog isn’t one niche either. Speaking of, what do you think of the new layout and blog name?

What were your favourites in June?



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