Tea Masterclass with T2 Tea Glasgow

Tea Masterclass with T2 Tea Glasgow

Before we went away on holiday (I promise I’ll stop using that phrase soon) I was invited to go to a tea masterclass with at the new T2Tea store in Glasgow and I am never one to turn down tea as this can’t live without post shows.

T2 Tea was started back in 1996 in the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, Australia. Not having the funds to decorate a store the owner went to the nearest Chinese supermarket and bought a load of Chinese newspapers to use as wallpaper. This has now been adopted across all the stores and is also reflected in the gift wrap which they all use too.

What struck me when I first entered the store was the wall of tea on one side and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much tea in one place (other than the Twinnings store on the Strand in London). There was everything from Matcha to black teas and pretty much everything in between.


When chatting to the store manager who was taking my tea masterclass it soon became evident that I’m very set in my ways when it comes to tea and that when finding ones to try that day we would stay well within my comfort zone. And for anyone who’s wondering is an English Breakfast tea which is weak and with milk. I’m also partial to a spot of Darjeeling which I also drink weak but without milk and this is a lifesaver if you find you’ve run out.


What I learnt at the tea masterclass was how important it is to let your tea brew for the correct amount of time and with the correct water temperature. The other thing I learned is that different herbal/floral combinations can be added to tea to give it a much different character.

The tea I tried that I really liked was the Darjeeling which I tried plain and with Rose added. They were both brewed in the pot you see above which is leakproof and once the timer goes off you place the pot over the jug part which is the second of the two pictures above and when they make contact the tea drains into the jug leaving the leaves behind. This means you don’t need a tea strainer to pour your tea and you can carry the pot around knowing it won’t leak any tea until it’s joined up with the jug.

I know the Rose being added to the tea sounds really odd and a bit like it might taste like stale perfume but it honestly wasn’t like that at all. It was really nice and it gave the tea a delicate floral note as well as giving the Darjeeling a bit of a lift. It also helped with the fact that I drink my Darjeeling totally plain and that due to allergies I can no longer pop a slice of lemon in my tea when having it without milk.

If it’s a stronger cup of tea that you’re after then the Irish Breakfast might be for you. After my tea masterclass, I was given the very generous gift of a box of loose leaf Darjeeling and infuser to be able to make the perfect cup of tea. I was also sent away with a couple of samples which included the Irish Breakfast for my husband who likes his tea like tar. The only problem with this is he now wants more of it.

Also, how pretty is this window display? I absolutely loved it and just wish both sides were working when I was there. I’m also now saving for quite a few bits from T2 Tea but I think I need a few more pennies in my bank account before I head back in there.

What would you like to learn at a tea masterclass?

Find T2 Tea Glasgow at 131 Buchanan Street

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Disclaimer: My tea was free but all views and opinions are my own.



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