Logo: Creating the Perfect One for Your Blog

Logo: Creating the Perfect One for Your Blog

I wrote a post ages ago about the branding for your blog and honestly, after taking a brands and branding module as part of my degree I think it needs a full rewrite. A brand is so much more than a logo but in all honesty, it can be a fairly good place to start. The colours in your logo dictate more about you and your brand than you could ever know.

Take mine for this blog as an example, it has the things I like and more importantly the topics you’re likely to find on the blog: tea, food & drink and Harry Potter. The name of my blog also means that what you’ll find here is all recommended by me.

When designing a logo I find it helps to know which components you want it to have and work from there. I’ve been lucky in the fact that Jemma (Dorkface) has designed both my blog headers (yes this blog was something else before) and I know I can give her an idea of what I want for her to design something I’ll love. I have been known to sketch items/squares on a page to give me an idea of where I want the bits to go. I’m fairly low tech in some respects and this is one of them.

However, if you need a platform to design a logo then give Logojoy* a try. This is where I get to sneak in a little announcement: I’m launching a freelance website next month. Yes, that’s right, I’m expanding my blog services into a full blown freelance website. The name is From Fiona Freelance and I’m so excited to be able to launch it.

The only thing that’s been causing me issues is the design of the website and a logo for it. My bestie AJ from AJ Loves has designed one for me and while I adore it depending on the style of the site I go for, it may not work properly. I’ll definitely keep aspects of it but as I’ve tried a logo service too, to give me options to work with.

Here’s the design I created with Logojoy and I kinda like it but I feel like it’s missing something and isn’t quite right for me to launch with yet.

What I love about the Logojoy service (especially the premium package*) is that you can download various versions of the logo as well as a brand guidelines pdf which includes the ways the logo should be used and the hex numbers for all the colours which I find really helpful to have handy when I’m designing bits for the blog here and there.

Do you have a logo and would you consider a change?



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