Winter: 5 Tips for Spending More Time Outdoors*

Winter: 5 Tips for Spending More Time Outdoors*

This is a guest post all about ideas for things to do in Glasgow this winter. So many of the ideas are things I’ve yet to do but will be making sure I get to this winter.

Glasgow is a marvellous city, but my goodness, the rain can get pervasive!

We all know the benefits of spending more time outdoors, but when the grey clouds roll in and the rain is horizontal, you can certainly be forgiven for wanting to stay indoors for most of a Scottish winter.

However, if you are determined to grab a few glimpses of the sun this holiday season, we can help you out. Here are 5 tips to get you motivated to step outside. You will enjoy yourself, and feel so much better afterwards, we promise!

1. Get Some Company

Depending on how challenging your outdoor plans are, you might need a little more motivation to get yourself out the door. Accountability is a powerful thing, and if you can arrange to meet a friend to tackle the Parkrun then you are much more likely to drag yourself out of bed on a dark weekend morning!

However, getting outdoors doesn’t need to be as intense as that, and having come company makes a huge difference to how much you might enjoy the outing. You might be surprised at how many people would actually like to get outside for a bit, even if the weather leaves a lot to be desired, so just be brave and ask!

2. Four Legs are Better than Two

Whether you are a ‘dog person’ or not, a dog is a perfect excuse to get outdoors in grey weather. If you know someone who might be willing to let you walk the dog, or just join them on their usual outings, then consider this as a way to get some more outdoor time!

If not, Borrow My Doggy matches dog owners with potential dog walkers. Perhaps there’s a gorgeous furry friend nearby just waiting to join you for lots of winter walks!

3. Take a Tour

Glasgow has some fascinating walking tours, from the Art School tours to Music History Walks. Research your local area and see if you can join in, and be a tourist in your own town. You might be surprised by what you learn, and it’s another way to spend some daylight hours outdoors!

4. Make it an Expedition

If you have a destination in mind, or an interesting place to go, then your walk may be a little more enjoyable!

Try writing up a list of parks in your city and visiting them all. If you like to sketch or take photographs, perhaps you could incorporate the outdoors into a little winter project. Think further afield and look for interesting wildlife parks, stately homes with gardens or beautiful walking routes.

5. Bribe Yourself!

Or perhaps, ‘reward yourself’ is a better way of putting it! Even if it’s only a little thing, like watching your current favourite TV show when you get back, with a hot chocolate. Make your walk into more of an occasion with cosy clothes, a travel mug of tea, and a reason in mind for doing it.

Make a playlist of music you love, or you could even try an audiobook, podcast or meditation app on your phone to listen to as you walk, if you’re worried about finding it dull. You might also find it motivating to use a fitness tracker to count your steps. At the end of the day, this is all about making you feel good and enjoy your time outdoors, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself at every stage of the process.

Once those endorphins kick in, you’ll start to find it even easier to stick to your habit of a little walk, even in the colder months. But in the meantime, look after yourself and have a wonderful, warm-hearted winter!

Bio: Stewart Timber are based in Cumbernauld, and are a one-stop shop for sheds, fences, firewood and decking. We love getting people outdoors, whether it’s the countryside or their own back garden. For advice or more info, get in touch today!

I love these ideas for things to do this winter in Glasgow but if sun is what you crave then check out my Winter Sun Wishlist.



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