A Little Life Update

A Little Life Update

Since I wrote my post about disability and whether I’m ready to be labelled, it occurred to me that I’ve not really sat down and written a life update post for a while. They used to be my favourite posts to write but then somehow I didn’t have anything to say so they drifted out of my content for a while. I’m hoping to make them a more permanent feature around here but who knows, my life might get boring again.

First thing I need to address is the results I got when I went to the hospital last month. I found out I have a compression of my spinal cord at the top of my neck. It’s what’s been causing all my pain and discomfort. The only problem is I don’t know what my treatment options are yet. I’m now waiting on an appointment to see a neurosurgeon who will be able to tell me what the next steps are and how to treat it as pain management isn’t doing a lot for me at the moment. Most of the medication available causes memory issues which would be fine if I wasn’t dealing with money when I’m at work. I made mistakes when my dose was too high so I stay on a lower dose but this means I’m in more pain than I probably should be.

I also went to London last month to finally be able to check out the Harry Potter Exhibition at the British Library and it was amazing. I was there with my best friend AJ and her husband Damian and we had a great time. I even managed to pick up my shade of foundation from The Ordinary so expect a post on that once I’ve given it a try. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to Sky Garden which was amazing but the weather had been grey and wet so the pictures I got weren’t the best if I’m honest. Still, the views were great and I can’t wait to go back in August when the weather might be a bit better.

I even managed to squeeze in a trip to Covent Garden which will definitely be appearing in my favourite places in London post which is coming soon as well as visiting the flagship L’Occitane store on Regent Street. I booked a complimentary hand treatment which was amazing as the hand cream used was my favourite Cherry Blossom. When you have the treatment you also get a complimentary Pierre Hermé macaron and my god was it good. I had the caramel as a lot of them had citrus in them but they all looked amazing.

The store itself is gorgeous and even has a cafe upstairs which is a lovely touch. I even tried the selfie booth when I was there and made the most of the fact the store was empty so I could wander and take some pictures. I managed to leave a bracelet behind and not only did the store staff phone to tell me but they also very kindly posted it back to me.

I applied for a role at work where I technically didn’t meet any of the criteria and was chosen as one of many who are going to Belfast for a few weeks to train staff and prepare the branches for opening over there. I’m very excited to have been chosen and to be able to prove not only to my managers but to myself that I am good at my job. It’s a very stats driven role which when I think about it is ideal for a blogger as we’re obsessed with getting the stats we want/need.

Well, that’s it, that’s all that I’ve been getting up to recently. Do you have any news to share with me too?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey