Attempting to Sort Out My Finances*

Attempting to Sort Out My Finances*

I’m going to admit this here – I’m not that great with money. When my mental health is dipping I spend and with online shopping, this is all too easy. Add in the fact that I work in a shopping centre and it all goes downhill from there. Now this isn’t going to be anything major and most people will potentially roll their eyes at this post but I feel but putting it on paper (so to speak) I can hold myself accountable and use it to refer to, in order to keep myself on track.

Online Savings Assistants

I’ve popped these two apps/services together as I can only access Plum at the moment but hope to give Cleo a try once they confirm that my bank will agree to the connection. As far as I can tell both systems work in a similar way and monitor your spending and saving habits via your bank account and can tell you what you’re spending your money on as well as how to save it too. The bonus with Plum is as well as working out what you spend it also works out what you have available to save and moves this out of your account by direct debit. I love this idea as it means with brain fog I don’t need to remember to move money into my savings.

My Bank Account

I’ve opened a Monzo account which has been great for me as I can set up savings pots to keep the money I want to save separate from my usual spending money but I know it’s there if I get desperate and need to move it over. I’ve also set up all my scheduled card payments to come out of the same account as Monzo can keep me updated with which ones are due when which is a really nifty added feature which my regular high street bank doesn’t offer.

Credit Sources

This month my credit card arrived this week and it’s a major step for me. I decided it was time to get one to have for emergencies and the odd shortfall when it’s the day before payday and I need to eat. It took me a while to get round to it as I just kept putting it off if I’m honest. I’ve also seen a loan for bad credit which could be useful if you need to sort some unexpected expenditure quickly or for that bigger purchase that you want to be able to pay off gradually. Granted, loans aren’t for everyone but if it’s a financial route that works for you then go for it.

I’m a long way off but I’m hoping to have some money left at the end of the month and also be able to put some into savings each month too.

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link but all views and opinions are my own. If you’re concerned about your finances and need help then contact your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or your bank. These are the simple steps I’m using to get my self more organised and back on track.



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