Buying Glasses Online With Glasses Direct

Buying Glasses Online With Glasses Direct

I’d considered buying glasses online before but had been put off too many times and for various reasons, the main being how complicated dealing with my prescription and how I would get this to the website. Last year, I changed the style of glasses I wear – I went from ones with pads to plastic frames – and my sunglasses were the same style as my old glasses. The fit but they kept giving me headaches so I decided I needed a new pair. I spent what felt like a week, pricing up prescription sunglasses and then read Sarah’s post where she tried glasses at home before buying online.

buying glasses online

After reading Sarah’s post, I looked at Glasses Direct and found that they had an offer for new customers which got me £30 off my first order. They even had a 2 for 1 offer running which meant I could get two pairs of glasses for £49. I combined both these offers (yippee) and the coating for the sunglasses was only an extra £10 which meant that overall, including postage, I only spent £33 only two pairs of glasses. This was cheaper than the one pair I’d been considering from another optician.

buying glasses online

I didn’t bother with the home trial as our post can be atrocious on occasion and I wasn’t sure when they would arrive, so I went ahead and chose a pair of frames fairly similar to the ones that I already have. I also made the decision that both pairs would be the same frames as I knew they would look good on me and it never hurts to have a spare pair of glasses. I went with Robin and I’m so happy with my choice.

When it came to the dreaded part of adding my prescription, there was an option to supply it by email later which I chose and it meant that I could take a picture of my full prescription and send it over without having to try and decipher what it all meant or worry that I wasn’t putting the right number in the right box. After this, it was just a case of waiting for my new glasses to arrive. When I received the dispatch email, I’d been told that I could be waiting up to 7 working days but they arrived after one which was a bonus for me as we actually had some sun after they arrived.

Now, I’m very happy that I have prescription sunglasses that fit and don’t give me a headache anytime I wear them and I also have a spare pair should I do anything stupid to the ones that I wear all the time. I hadn’t realised that buying glasses online really could be that easy and that I needn’t have worried about the prescription issue that put me off for so long.

Have you ever considered buying glasses online? Are you more likely to now?

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for this post, I just really liked their service and wanted to share my experience with my readers.



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