Co-op Veg Couscous Recipe

Co-op Veg Couscous Recipe

When I was contacted about being sent a box of goodies I had no idea that it would be to recreate the Co-op’s veg couscous recipe. While as you can see it has lots of fab ingredients in it, this is where I have a slight confession to make – actually make that several.

  1. I don’t like couscous – there I said it.
  2. I don’t like cooked vegetables – slight issue with this recipe.

Actually, it’s only two but they are fairly big admissions to be making when I’m sharing a recipe which involves roasted vegetables and couscous. Hence why the only picture included is of the ingredients that I was sent. On the plus side, I can use some of them for my marinade for chicken which means they won’t be going to waste.

The reason me and so many bloggers were sent this box of ingredients was to firstly make and share the recipe (I can do one of the two) and also to highlight the fact that there is a skills gap for 16-25-year-olds when it comes to cooking. I’ve been in the kitchen since I can remember but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. This is why Co-op partnered with SORTEDfood to provide a range of online cooking courses where anyone can learn basic techniques and recipes.

On the Now Cook It website, there is a video which will give you the help you need, along with a comprehensive list of the ingredients you’ll need (basically everything in the photo above and some Greek yoghurt).

Were you sent the co-op box too and did you manage to make the recipe or are you going to give it a go?
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You can find them @SORTEDfood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and @coopukfood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 



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