Driving Lessons & Beyond: What Scares Me Most

Driving Lessons & Beyond: What Scares Me Most

I know I’ve written a post recently about seeing Scotland by car and the fact that it’s my husband that’s been doing all the driving. This is where I have a confession to make – I don’t know how to drive. Not only do I not know how to, I have panic attacks behind the wheel of a car. I also have an injury which means I can’t drive a manual and this has put me off learning for a long time. I’ve now decided to start saving so that in the new year I can learn to drive and then buy an automatic car. The problem with this is I started thinking about all the things I would need to do/pay for as part of the learning process and the upkeep and maintenance of a car once it’s mine.

Obviously the biggest expense for me is going to be lessons and the tests. Not only do I need to pay for my instructor but the one I want to use (the same one who helped my husband with his lessons) doesn’t have an automatic car so I need to cover the hire cost of an automatic too. I’d rather do this and be taught by the person I want to be taught by, than choose someone else purely based on the fact that they have an automatic for me to learn in.

The next thing I need to do is buy all my books and learning materials. I may just have graduated and finished a training period at work (8 weeks that was basically all training) but I still love learning new things. I’m looking forward to diving into the theory portion of driving (some drivers I know will say I know most of it already) but the hazard perception part gives me cold shivers. I understand the idea but I think I’ll be using online training tools to help me pass that section of the theory test as the time I tested it for the DVLA it gave me really bad motion sickness so I want to be sure that I can handle watching the video as well as establishing I know all the potential hazards.

Car Maintenance
I think these are two words that strike fear into any car owner. Terms like service & MOT seem to cause drivers to break out into a cold sweat and don’t even mention breakdown cover or emergency repairs as that will probably have them running for the hills.

Anyone that knows me, will know that I’m a planner by nature, I love lists and making sure I’m prepared for all eventualities. I’ll be making sure that I have money aside to deal with any issues as they arise but also the fact that I know a mechanic is equally helpful as I know I can pop into the local garage with any issues I may have. Once I have my licence and a car my plan is to drive to Aberdeen to visit AJ which is a long drive from Glasgow so I’ll be looking at having a wee list of places I can visit should
I need any help on the way up/down the road.

Tyres is an expense I’ll definitely need to consider and knowing my luck they’ll need changing on the way to Aberdeen and I’ve been informed that if you are looking for tyres in Dundee checkout Fife Autocentre. Dundee is about halfway on my journey to and from Aberdeen so would be a great place for a pit stop on my journey too. My husband also has family nearby so it’s sometimes somewhere we stop so he can pop in and see them too.

Before writing this post the idea of driving terrified me but now that I’ve figured out what I need to do and what I need to worry about, I think I’ll actually worry less. Now I just need to start saving so I can have all my lessons next year.

Any tips for someone planning driving lessons?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey