Glasgow the 2nd Happiest Place in the UK?

Glasgow the 2nd Happiest Place in the UK?

The marketing slogan for my city is ‘People Make Glasgow’ and I wholeheartedly stand by this statement. Glaswegians are some of the friendliest and happiest people you’ll meet which meant when Butterkist got in touch and told me it was only 2nd from their research I wanted to know more. It also gave me a startling realisation that other than my most recent post about seeing Scotland by Car, I’ve never actually posted about my home town before. I’m going to share the places that I love as well as the research from Butterkist about Glasgow and the things that make us happy.


One of the things I love about Glasgow is the little lanes between major streets especially this one which I’d known was there for a while but the bar on the left seems to be a fairly new addition. I wasn’t long home from holiday when I found this bar and did a double take because of the sign. I tried to get a photo with my phone but it was awful so the next time I was in town I took my camera and got lots of city shots which I love. The other thing I love is the Police Box on Buchanan STreet which can be seen in the top photo for this post. You can always spot a tourist when they see it and start pointing but the West of Scotland has produced a Doctor Who showrunner, 2 Doctors and Jack Harkness!

According to Butterkist, the top places that make Glaswegians happy include walking the dog, being on a plane to some sunshine (no argument here) and on the beach reading a good book (I wouldn’t do this in Largs – you’ll find me eating ice cream). Sitting on the sofa with a favourite snack also featured on the list and it would definitely be high on mine. These responses are based on a poll of 1500 UK adults and show that Brits are fairly happy with life and that 40% of Glaswegians list friends and family as being important to their happiness and well-being.

glasgow popcorn

As well as revealing the results of the study, Butterkist also sent me some popcorn to enjoy with my nearest and dearest (if it gets that far) and a board game to help us spend some time together. This is becoming even more important now that my shifts have changed at work and I’m out of the house a lot more than I was.

Their suggested method for sharing time together and finding more happiness is to spend some time at home with friends, family or partner watching a movie and enjoying some popcorn. The little touches (like the boxes for the popcorn) make those little moments all the more special. You could even go as far as getting special t-shirts printed for the occasion and Printsome is the company for you, they do t-shirt printing in Glasgow with lots of options to choose from and can turn a standard evening into a special one.

Do you agree about Glasgow or have some happiness tips for me?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey