SuperRoom at Travelodge London Kings Cross*

SuperRoom at Travelodge London Kings Cross*

I’ve stayed in Travelodge hotels quite a few times and will admit that they are my hotel of choice when I go up to Aberdeen but until our trip to London, I hadn’t tried their new SuperRooms. I’d seen lots about them on Twitter but wanted to give them a try for myself and find out if they were any better than the standard rooms. The last hotel room in London I reviewed was at the Malmaison so it will be fun to see how they compare.

The SuperRoom by Travelodge* is advertised as being “the perfect choice with added comforts” and I can see why. There were many aspects of the room that I loved and a few that I didn’t but that’s life and equally may have been down to that hotel rather than the rooms across the board.

I loved the addition of a more comfortable chair in the room – this made getting my boots on and off so much easier as the bed is actually too high for me to be able to put my shoes on comfortably. The other thing I loved was the fact that a hairdryer is standard in every room. The last time I needed one I had to pop to reception to ask and was met with a bit of an eye-roll so to have one handy made me a very happy bunny indeed. You also get USB charging sockets as well as normal ones and they’re next to the bed! If you’ve stayed in a Travelodge hotel before then you will understand the pain of your phone being on charge on the other side of the room.

The main lights in the room can be controlled by a dimmer switch which was a real lifesaver when we were there as I could lower the light to go to sleep (with my sleep mask) and my husband could stay awake and watch tv with some light to be able to see by.


Now, my husband doesn’t usually go for the in-room beverages but on this trip, he made an exception and had a hot chocolate. I’m fairly certain that if they had Galaxy hot chocolate in all their rooms then he would be very happy indeed. I was particularly impressed by the fact that although there is a fancy coffee machine in the room, you still get a kettle too. As a tea drinker, the water needs to come from the kettle so that it’s hot enough and doesn’t taste like coffee.

The other thing I really liked, that I forgot to take a picture of was the bathroom in the hotel. I can’t get in and out of a bath (even if it’s to have a shower) and the new SuperRoom has a shower instead of a bath with a shower which earnt them some real points for that stay. At one point on Saturday, my leg pretty much gave out completely so to be able to have a hot shower and relieve even a little bit of the pain was a bonus.

Now for the downsides of the room. This is the bit that I always hate writing but needs to be done as otherwise, I know it wouldn’t be an honest review. I don’t know if Travelodge has done this across the board or if it was just the Kings Cross hotel but there really wasn’t enough storage for two of us for a weekend. The room feels as though it’s been planned with the single business traveller in mind as the desk and wardrobe were down one side of the bed and this meant I was fighting my way past my behemoth of a husband anytime I wanted to get something or make a cup of tea.

Superroom breakfast

The other issue we both had was with breakfast which for me is a bit odd as I’m not usually a breakfast person. I had been hoping for a large cooked breakfast but the only options available at this hotel were continental which definitely didn’t fill me up for the amount of walking we ended up doing while we were in London.

These really are the only issues we had with the hotel that weekend as it’s such in a central location. The only other thing I would add is that we had a room at the back of the hotel over the Underground line which is actually overground for a bit and could be heard in the room but by the second night of it I think it actually lulled me to sleep.

Have you stayed in a SuperRoom or would you now you’ve read about what I thought of it?

Disclaimer: My room was paid for but all views and opinions are my own.



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey