Travel Bucket List for 2018

Travel Bucket List for 2018

One of the things I want to do in 2018 is travel more but my bank balance doesn’t actually like the thought of this very much so I have a feeling a bucket list may be as far as I get with this idea. My travel for this year (so far) is all UK based but working in currency means I hear tales of far-off lands and daring sword fights – whoops that’s Beauty and the Beast. I do actually hear some great stories of the plans people have or where they’be just come back from and it makes me want to go on an adventure. Last year I wrote about my winter sun wishlist and this is sort of an add on to that of more places that I would love to see at so,me point in the future.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is somewhere that I’ve wanted to visit for years but have never been brave enough to consider it. One of the things that puts me off is the whole being allergic to a whole load of foods situation. The other is the length of the flight with my body issues but I think for the scenery and being able to lie on a beach it would be worth it.


When I think of Mexico I instantly think of sun and I could do with some of that at the moment. At work Cancun seems to be a popular destination but I’d love to see the true Mexico rather than just the tourist parts or a resort. Don’t get me wrong, lying on a beach and going for swims in the sea regularly would be bliss, most of the time when I’m on holiday I’m usually wandering through small towns or villages and soaking up the local culture which is what I would love to do in Mexico.


Thailand is becoming increasingly popular with travellers and I can see why. I spent an age looking at all the photos on the website which wasn’t a productive way to spend half an hour but it certainly was a beautiful one. All I can say is the beaches look glorious and I wish was lying on one now soaking up the sun. Thailand looks like it would be the ultimate relaxation holiday which is probably why it ap


Since I studied Classical Studies at school I’ve wanted to visit Greece. Well actually it’s more like I want to go to Athens and my husband wants to go everywhere else. I’ve been to the British Museum and seen the Elgin Marbles but I want to climb the Acropolis (even if it’ll kill me) to see the Parthenon and the other temples. I also want to go to the islands where I can eat a lot of glorious food and do a lot of swimming. The swimming seems to be a bit of a theme running through this post but what else do you when there is warm sea water available?

Are any of my destinations on your travel bucket list or is it totally different?

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