My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials

This was going to be two posts but I changed my mind and decided to combine them. You’ll be getting my beauty and tech travel essentials plus the other items that I just can’t be without. The only caveat is please don’t judge me. I may be an adult but some things just need to be taken away with me.

Beauty Essentials

I used to travel light when it came to my beauty regime but since becoming a blogger there’s more lotions and potions than I care to admit being carried around and I’m doing my best to go back to carrying the essentials and nothing more. This Cleanse and Tone Travel Set by Kathleen* (£20) is just what I’ve been looking for and even kept my skin in great condition when I had an allergic while we were in London in August. The set consists of a cleansing lotion which removes all dirt and impurities from the skin and a toning mist which soothes the skin after using the cleansing lotion. 

I always make sure I have a hairbrush in my suitcase when I travel and this one which is a collaboration between American Youtuber JoJo Siwa and Hair Secretz* (£7.99 @ B&M) has been ideal for travel. There are two sides to the brush as well as a storage area for clips and bobbles meaning they don’t end up getting lost at the bottom of a suitcase. I can’t use the brush all the time as I have very thick hair and lots of it and this brush doesn’t get to my scalp in the same way as my normal hairbrush but does the job I need it to when I’m away. 

Tech Essentials

I have a huge amount of technology that I like to take with me when I travel but all of it is essential for me. I always take my phone away with me (obviously) but I also take my kindle and more often than not my iPad comes along too. This also means that I need charging cables too so an organiser like this Ted Baker one or my new one from Knomo are definitely an essential when I travel. 

The Other Bits

Of course, there are the other bit and bobs that I can’t be without when I travel. I feel the cold quite easily so a hot water bottle is always packed along with a sleep mask to make sure I get a good night of sleep when I’m in a hotel bed. The other two items possibly could have been in the technology section. A portable charger for my phone as I’m using it a lot more than normal when I travel and my Bluetooth keyboard in case I decide to do any blogging while I’m away. I took it on holiday this year and didn’t do any but some years I’ve been quite productive while I’ve been away. 

Well, that’s it, the full list of my travel essentials. Hope it’s given you an insight into what I take with me and given you some ideas for when you travel too. 

What are your travel essentials?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey