Why I’ll Never Be a Beauty Blogger

Why I’ll Never Be a Beauty Blogger

A while ago I wrote a fairly tongue in cheek post about why I would never be a proper fashion blogger and it got me thinking about why I could never be a proper beauty blogger either. Of course just because I’m writing this doesn’t mean I’ll stop attempting to blog about beauty, it just means I’m good at identifying my weaknesses. 

I don’t wear enough make up

On a daily basis, I don’t wear makeup and I don’t think this helps me when I’m blogging about beauty but in all honesty, I prefer an extra ten minutes in bed to putting my face on in the morning. At the moment, my makeup is reserved for days out or special occasions but this means that when I’m applying it I go for what I refer to as the full blogger look. This means foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter, eyeshadow. mascara and lipstick. What’s worse is I can actually tell you the last time I had a full face of makeup on – it was July and it’s now October!

I don’t like photographs

I have real trouble getting pictures of myself wearing makeup which never helps when that’s what you’re supposed to be blogging about. As you can see from the photo below I don’t have problems with product photos but selfies just aren’t my thing. 

I stick with the same products

I have nothing against buying new products but once I’ve bought them I still go back to my old faithful products and leave the new ones unused for quite some time. I’ve done the same thing with PR samples that I’ve been sent too which is frustrating when I’m supposed to review them. There’s a new palette out at the moment which I do really want but if I buy it I’m not sure that I would actually use it. In some way, this is a good thing as it’s saving me lots of money on products that might sit gathering dust after I buy them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about why I don’t think I can be a beauty blogger but understand that I’m not letting it put me off writing about what I like on my blog.



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey