Glasgow’s Street Art Trail

Glasgow’s Street Art Trail

I’ve been meaning to write this post since October. Yes, you read that right, October. What’s worse is that I’ve written quite a few posts since but this one somehow slipped through the cracks and I’ve finally found the words to go with the images of Glasgow’s Street Art Trail.

Since the Commonwealth Games in 2014 there has been an increase in the amount of street art in Glasgow and I love it. Some of the pieces I’d found on many occasions but some of them are new and till Laura visited last September, I didn’t know there was an official map and trail for the street art of the city. If you want to find out what’s on the full trail then you can download the map from the Glasgow City Council website.

I’m going to take you through the route we followed and the art we saw along the way. We only did a portion of the street art trail but I’m excited to get out with my camera soon and take some pictures of the rest of the artwork out there.

We started at Mitchell Street where I knew we’d find several pieces including the World’s Most Economical Taxi, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Glasgow’s Panda.

We then headed down to the riverside and found Dr. Connolly I Presume? which was a bit of an accident as I didn’t realise this was painted where it was. Whoops. I’d actually been heading towards Glasgow’s Tiger which is one of my favourite pieces of the street art trail. I was shooting with Laura and I love the pics that she got of me in front of the tiger.

From Glasgow’s Tiger we took a chilled walk along the side of the Clyde to the Kingston Bridge to find the Swimmer which was painted to commemorate the Commonwealth Games. It’s so lifelike it’s weird but is making use of the base of the motorway bridge to add some colour to the road.

Along one side of Argyll Street is a piece called The Galllery which is made up of lots of paintings in the style of a gallery. I love the girl that looks like she’s jumping out of Starry Night by Van Gogh and the melting clock. I also like the image of someone straightening a painting in the gallery. Unfortunately some of this art has been covered in graffiti but it’s still great to look at.

Laura and I did the part of the street art trail that I knew well as I didn’t want to take her to a part of the city that I wasn’t familiar with. My plan for this summer is to hunt out the rest of the art and get lots of pictures.

Have you done the Glasgow Street Art Trail? What do you think of the art?



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