Seeing Scotland By Car

Seeing Scotland By Car

Seeing Scotland is something I love to do and recently my husband has been driving through the countryside at the weekend to lots of places I last visited either as a child or many years ago. These are all places I’ve visited as a child due to the fact that both my grandparents and my gran had caravans. One in the west coast of Scotland and the other in Perthshire meaning that the journeys to get there were often some of the prettiest. These are journeys that I think all families should do at least once as they’re so pretty but might actually be the first travel post I’ve written about Scotland. Hopefully, it’s not the last!

Tourist route from Dunblane to Crieff

Heading to Perthshire from Glasgow, once you’re north of the city and onto the A9 you actually have a choice of road. You can follow the A9 the whole way or you can take what is referred to as the tourist route which winds its way through the countryside from just north of Dunblane to Crieff and then onto the A9 north of Perth.

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View in Luss

From Glasgow to Lochgilphead

This journey is one that I did lots of times to get to my grandparent’s caravan and then later did part of this journey when I worked for a company in a village near Oban. What I love about this journey is the number of places you can stop on the way to your final destination. We visited Luss at the start of the summer which is so pretty and is also where the TV series ‘Take the High Road’ was filmed. On this route, you’ll also find Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and Inveraray which are both places we stopped on this journey as it’s so very long.

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Sunrise in Aberdeen

Glasgow to Aberdeen

This is another journey that I’ve done fairly frequently and I think I spot something different each time I do the journey. Granted the last few times have been by train as I’ve been going up alone rather than with my husband so I get to see the scenery from a different angle. The last time I was up was for a birthday celebration and yes I was out long enough to get this shot of the sunrise while I was there. This is also a drive that the route differs depending on who is driving which makes it lots of fun too.

Do you want to read about some more drives for the family? Chill Insurance are releasing an e-book filled with drives for families, art fans, historical drives, music fans and food.  The company is based in Ireland, so it’s Irish drives they’ve chosen and I can’t wait to see which routes they’ve chosen for their book. Ireland is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and hopefully we can soon. Obviously, it goes without saying that the car you’re using should be properly taxed, insured and with a valid MOT. You can check if the vehicle you’re using has valid MOT using this MOT checker and make sure that you’re abiding by the law.

What do you think of our routes for seeing Scotland or will you be trying the Irish routes?

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