LED Lighting: Making the Switch

LED Lighting: Making the Switch

Oh good lord how did I manage a pun like that for the title of this post? What’s worse is I didn’t even notice it when I first wrote it down and that is a sign of a tired student. This writing a dissertation and keeping a blog running thing is hard. It’s also resulting in a lot more headaches and I swear that most of the time lighting is to blame. This is why this post will be concentrating on why, for me at least, making the change to LED lighting is a good idea.

The uni still has a lot of those strip fluorescent light fittings and bulbs that seem to give me a headache the minute they’re turned on. Add in a two-hour lecture on top of that and then we have a headache that refuses to shift. However, in one of the newly refurbished rooms, they’ve installed LED lighting and it makes such a difference to my head and I don’t go home with a crazy headache every day.

Now for the science bit behind why LED lighting is good, not just for me but for all of us. According to the lighting superstore, there are several ways making the change to LED lighting is good for the environment as well as being good for us and our homes.

I don’t usually post infographics, but honestly, I felt it was easier to read than me going ahead and listing a whole of range of statistics and facts and figures for you. The one that really stood out to me was the fact that an LED bulb can last over 10,000 hours longer than a standard light bulb. This means that in our light fitting that’s up against a very high ceiling the bulbs won’t need to be changed as often.

That’s it I’m off out to buy some LED light bulbs for the house – now to persuade the husband to change them all! (Never going to happen unless we’re sitting in the dark).

Have you considered making the change to LED Lighting?

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