Favourite Posts of 2017

Favourite Posts of 2017

I’d been toying with writing a post about my favourite blog posts of 2017 as well as a goals post and lots of other ones that now that January is nearly over feels totally pointless but the words have decided to come out anyway and who am I to deny my fingers the chance to type themselves to the bone. I can barely hold a pen these days so lots of typing is the way forward. I’ve decided to showcase the top posts from Google Analytics and my favourite posts and see if any of them match.

Google Analytics Top Posts

Seeing Switzerland

This is a post that I didn’t expect to be at the top of this list but I have a suspicion as to why it is. There was a competition which meant the post was shared on competition sites which didn’t bother me to be honest as anyone was free to enter but it did mean that the post had more views than I expected.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet First Impressions

I adored this post and especially my photography for it as I felt I managed to showcase the lipsticks to their full potential. Full credit has to go to my husband for the swatch image as that was all his doing and I didn’t realise he’d managed to do what I’d wanted with the box in the background till I saw the finished image after I’d washed the swatches off my arm. velvet lipstick

How to Fix Broken Links

I’m really not surprised that this is a top post from last year as it’s one thing as bloggers that we should all be doing but not everyone is confident enough to do it themselves. In this post, I broke down how to check for broken links and how to fix the different types that can crop up.

My Favourite Posts from 2017

Cider Tasting Experience at The Stable

This was something that I really enjoyed and the next time I’m in London I really want to go back for some pizza and cider. I’m not much of a cider drinker but it helped me to establish what I like if I was to give it a try. The food is amazing and I really want more of the cheeseboard.

cider tasting experience

Tea Masterclass with T2

How could I write about my favourite posts of last year and not include one that involved tea? In May last year, I was invited to a masterclass at the new T2 store on Buchanan Street in Glasgow and I found out that there is so much more to tea than I was aware of.

My Harry Potter Collection

Almost like not including tea in a post I feel the need to include a Harry Potter related post too. I blogged about my ever growing Harry Potter collection for the 20th anniversary of the release of the Philosopher’s Stone and I have a feeling that at some point this year I’m going to have to write an updated version as my collection is getting larger. I’ve also planned a post about my Alice in Wonderland collection too.

Well there you have it, the round-up of my favourite posts from last year and as I suspected the Google Analytics and my favourites wouldn’t match.

What were the blog posts that you loved to read last year?



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