Getting Organised with Effici*

Getting Organised with Effici*

This product was gifted but all views and opinions are my own.

It’s no secret that I like to be organised. I love a good to do list and and that feeling of scoring something off it too. I genuinely adore my diary for day to day planning and making sure my work rota has been noted down but I prefer something a bit more substantial for blog and goal planning. This is where the planner by Effici* comes into it’s own.

There are no dates on the pages meaning you can use them when you need to and not feel pressured to add info to pages when you don’t need to. I’ve been doing more blog planning recently and being able to add my goals and timeline on a monthly, weekly and daily basis is incredibly pleasing for me.

I’ve also been using the planner to track my stats for the month so that I can keep my media kit and spreadsheet up to date. In all honesty, these are things that I used to use my bullet journal for but the issues with my hands meant that drawing up spreads is no longer an option for me, so this is the next best thing.

On each of the planning pages there are sections for goal setting as well as the lessons you’ve learned about your productivity. You also have a section to write down how you can improve and I love that these have been added as I’ve been doing more in terms of looking at my blog content and my Instagram and what I want to work on. I’ve been using the prompts loosely and writing in what my brain wants me to which for me is the whole point of using a planner that gives me the freedom to use it as I wish.

The Cost

You can order an Effici Planner* for a one off payment of £18 or for £20 every quarter you can set up a subscription which includes:

  • a productivity planner
  • 3 x monthly habit trackers
  • access to an accountability Facebook group
  • free UK postage

While the subscription option doesn’t benefit me (I don’t use the planner enough to justify the cost) at £18 when I need a new planner I’ll definitely be making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

I love this planner as it’s keeping me organised and on track with my goals. I’m using the pages as and when I need them but I’m also using the prompts within the planner to assess what’s working and the lessons I can learn from it.

Do you have a planner you love or do you have thoughts on the Effici planner?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey