Gift Guide: Christmas 2016

Gift Guide: Christmas 2016

Gift buying can be an absolute minefield unless like me you are fairly resourceful and find new and interesting places to find gifts for friends and family. A fair few of the people myself and my family buy for live overseas which makes posting presents fairly difficult and also rather costly too.


1. Amazon voucher – Of course my first option is an Amazon gift voucher. I always go for the electronic version as it sends an email and you can have it sent on the day you want (Christmas Day, birthdays etc.) and it’s about as hassle-free as you can get.

2. If you’re buying for the geek in your life then Pop in a Box is a great website to go for, especially if they have their list online so you can check which Funko pops they don’t have and if they may also have a wishlist which I’ve also linked in case any of you lovely people would like to help me complete my Funko pop collection.

3. There are a lot of people who would prefer a gift be made to a charity then Oxfam GB would be the perfect gift this year. It’s a simple yet effective concept where you choose the present you wish to donate and choose a gift card and any extras you wish to include with the gift card. This card details the gift which has been purchased on your behalf and where it has been sent.

4. Liberty is one of my favourite department stores and on their website, there is a huge selection of gifts and the best part is you can pay for shipping and have them delivered to the destination of your choice.

5. Sticking with the gift card/paying for dispatch theory there is one other high street store which has always been one of my favourites at Christmas. Marks and Spencer is the place I shop to buy small treats that I don’t buy every day and a gift card popped in a Christmas card would be a nice surprise for friends or family.

6. Why should the animals be left out of the gifts this year? Granted I don’t have any to buy for but I do believe they should be treated as equal to humans and deserve a treat every now and then. Top Dog Apparel specialise in items for dogs which could be anything from a new collar to a warm coat for winter.

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas and if you have any for me then please leave me a comment.

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