Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family

Healthy Eating Habits For The Whole Family

We live in a fast-paced world. In most homes, both parents work outside the home. Children have heavy academic loads, sports, and social activities. We are always in a rush.

This explains why our eating habits are sometimes unhealthy. We buy fast food to eat as we rush from one responsibility to another. Our refrigerators are filled with processed foods, and our dinners often come from a box in the freezer.

When we are home, our children spend hours online, watching television, playing video games, and snacking. Let’s explore a way to change this.

A New and Healthy Activity

This spring, try something different. Introduce the whole family to gardening. Children love growing things. They also love getting dirty. Begin with preparing your garden spot.  While the kids should not use the tiller without being taught to, they can pull up and remove weeds that come up when you till. Explain to them what you are doing and why. Let them help you decide what you are going to plant. Browse the available seeds online and together, learn what grows well in your area.

When the time comes to plant the seeds, let the children do it. Show them how far apart to plant them, and how to keep them in a straight line. Let them help stake the plants that need them.

There are a lot of things the children can do to help in the garden. Watch them get excited as they see the plants begin to sprout.


Gardening is an amazing experience for children. They start with a patch of soil and seeds, and they watch as that turns into a beautiful plant. They are invested in this food. That investment makes them a lot more willing to try different foods.

Teach them to prepare the food for eating. Show them how to use berries and veggies to make smoothies. Try different ways to season, mix, and cook the harvest until you find recipes that they enjoy.


There is nothing wrong with treats. Everyone enjoys treats from time to time. If your child is having a birthday party or holidays that include candy are approaching, let them have their special treats. However, be in control of what they get and how much. You can buy fresh bulk candy online and have it shipped to you. Buy ordering candy that is sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free, or kosher, your child’s treats will not undo the healthy habits you are working on.

It is proven that sugar is addictive. This means when you eat sugar; you crave more sugar. Of course, there are other reasons you crave sugar. For example, if you have not eaten enough today, your brain may start demanding a sugary treat because it wants instant energy.


Getting your family into gardening is good exercise, educational, and healthy. Eating the healthy foods you grow makes you stronger, and you avoid all the preservatives that are in processed foods.

Providing a good and sufficient meal will allow your child’s body to function properly. Snacking is not a bad thing, just be smart about what you provide your family to eat.

Following these simple concepts will ensure a healthy and happy family with an appreciation for the bounty that nature provides.



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