Live Like You Give a F**K Blog Tour

Live Like You Give a F**K Blog Tour

Today I’m doing something a bit different and posting an excerpt from a book that I’ve been working my through for a while now and have been loving some of the content in it.

WARNING: The book and excerpt contain swearing (and lots of it so if it’s something you don’t like then click away now).

I wanted to start the book with a wake up call on gratitude. Many of us take life for granted and don’t appreciate what we already have, mentally, emotionally and physically.  We’re so consumed with the distraction of modern day technology and a need for instant gratification that we don’t often take the time to truly open our eyes and see the beauty of life.

You spoilt bitch.

There are people who are suffering in this crazy fucked-up world with no food, water, shelter or safety, just some of the basic human needs required to survive.

Yet, in wealthy, Western, capitalistic societies we believe life sucks because we can’t connect to wifi, the queue for a skinny latte is out the door and the daily commute takes longer than watching the latest box set of Game of Thrones. #bullshitfirstworldproblems.

We really are bunch of selfish, spoilt brats. Those who are really suffering, would kill to have our problems. Would you trade places with a refugee? No, didn’t think so.

We are so rich and wealthy beyond belief but we don’t often take the time to realise it. We can run a tap and get water in an instant. Where exactly has it come from? Who cares, when we need it, it’s there and we don’t have to go on a five-mile trek to get it. So let’s just appreciate the fuck out of that. You can sit in comfort, on your couch, in your pyjamas and order pretty much anything you want online. From groceries, clothing, make up, furniture; and a lot of this stuff will arrive the very next day. It’s like a modern day miracle, we love you Amazon Prime.

And, one of my favourites. You can buy a ticket that enables you to fly… in the sky, where we can’t naturally breathe, above the clouds, to another fucking country, and get there in a matter of hours. This shit is incredible but what do we chose to focus on? Moaning our asses off about the queue at passport control or how long it took to collect the hold luggage. We forget to breathe in the pure magic of taking flight. For some people modern life sucks; to me it’s a fucking miracle. The greatest Kings and Queens from history would’ve given all of their riches to experience the modern luxuries that today we take for granted.

We live in this miracle of a world yet I see way too many people giving up on their dreams. It’s like they got a memo saying they can come and do this crazy thing called life again, so they’re using this lifetime as a dress rehearsal. It’s all too easy to get stuck on the merry-go-round of life where you seem to be in a perpetual groundhog day, doing the same shit over and over again. Wake up, get ready, go to your shit job, eat, sleep and fucking repeat. You see other people who’ve escaped the merry-go-around who are running wild and free. They’re not stuck, they’re loving the daily grind because it’s the grind they created. And you’re secretly wishing, hoping and wanting that to be you. But wait… it can be. What if you were unstoppable? What if there were no chains holding you back? What if you designed and lived your life exactly how you wanted it to be instead of praying that things will change?

Isn’t it time to wake the fuck up and cut loose from a life you don’t want to lead?

You deserve to be in the realms of making your one and only lifetime count and living a journey where fulfilment and satisfaction are completely off the scale.

This is why I designed the five ‘accessories’ that will make your outfit of life absolutely pop, this season and next. These accessories will work miracles for you and allow you to be the fiercest version of yourself. Not only that but these accessories are reusable timeless classics which are an investment for a lifetime and much cheaper than a Chanel boy bag.

These five simple accessories are the formula you need to really live like you give a fuck which is a fully blown, awesome and fulfilling life. I use the term fulfillment deliberately instead of success. When the word ‘success’ is used it often conjures up the image of financial and material success and this alone is not what we’re looking for here people. Of course, that dream house, car, holidays, clothes and whatever other material bullshit you want is nice, but you can still have all of that crap and not be happy. We’ve seen enough A-listers in rehab to know that. The crucial thing to understand is that none of that shit matters if you don’t have an emotionally wealthy bank account, if you don’t know how to appreciate what you’ve already got and if you don’t love yourself.

You can buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble if you’re in the USA.



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey