Popular Posts of 2016

Popular Posts of 2016

I couldn’t decide whether I was going to write this post or not but I feel I should feel good about what my successes from the last year have been and share them with you. I’ve decided to split this post into two sections and include the most popular posts of 2016 from the point of view of my analytics and the posts that I love and enjoyed writing. I’m sharing the top 3 posts in both categories and I’m now wondering whether any of them will match up.

 Popular Posts According to Analytics

Make Christmas Magical with Bettys

This one is a bit of a shock to me. I love the post and the brand shared it on their Twitter but it was the sort of post I didn’t expect to do as well as it did.

Blogger Services

This one is definitely not a shock to me. I’ve been sharing the page a lot more recently as I feel I have the skills to help people who don’t have the knowledge, skills or time to do certain tasks for themselves. I only charge for the time I will take to do the task (no overheads or markups here).

My Favourite Disney Movies and Finding Dory Giveaway

I’m not surprised this post is in the top three actually and it was one of my favourites to write as well. Taking Dory on her trip was an experience, I’ll say that much and I did get some very odd looks when I was taking her picture in front of all the Glasgow landmarks.

My Favourite Posts

Rediscovering Urban Decay

This is the post where I finally realised that I could blog about beauty as well as all the other topics on my blog. I may never become a full beauty blogger but there will definitely be more beauty posts appearing on the blog from now on.

New York Photo Diary

Last year my husband and I spent a week in NYC and it was amazing. This post has all the pictures from our trip and looking at them makes me want to go back so badly, even if we did walk 10 miles every day.

Books: My All Time Favourites

I wrote this post in December and it was the first post I’d written in a while where I felt “me” again. I’d written so many sponsored posts that I was starting to resent blogging as I wasn’t writing about the things I loved. This post is one that I loved writing and as well as finding out opinions being shared by others on the books that are my favourites.

Basically, what this post has showed me that what I love writing may not be what becomes popular but that doesn’t mean that I should stop writing it as I like getting my thoughts out here and I don’t think that is ever going to change.

I’d love to know what you think my popular posts would have been?
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